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The true beauty- thomas carew

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Assignment 3: The True Beauty Thomas Carew's "The True Beauty" is about two kinds of beauty; outer beauty and inner beauty, but only inner beauty is a true beauty. The first kind of beauty which is mentioned in a first stanza is a physical attractiveness; human appearance on the outside, for example "rosy cheek" "coral lip" and "starlike eyes". The physical beauty can be pleasing to the beholder, but it is not long-lasting. ...read more.


Therefore, according to Carew inner beauty is a true beauty. The term "beauty" is the quality of being pleasing to senses or mind. Hence, I think in questioning what true beauty is, we have to consider the satisfaction we get from each kinds of beauty; external and internal. therefore it depends on individual if which one is true beauty. However I do agree with Carew that internal beauty is the true beauty. ...read more.


Outer beauty satisfied the beholder, but not for long. I would not appreciate a beauty of good appearance robot if it has no heart. In the same way, without good mind, a person can be boring. Although people look at external beauty at first, they would find out how a person's hidden inside really is, at last. When they find it after breaking the shell covered, they call it "true" because it is the core of human. Therefore, I agreed with Carew that it is internal beauty that is true beauty, not the physical beauty and that we can really call it "true beauty". ...read more.

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