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The Truman Show -Analysis.The Truman Show is a movie about a man named Truman Burbank, whose life is exposed through a reality TV show.

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Film Review: The Truman Show Destroying My Other Self: Unawareness "The Truman Show" is a movie about a man named Truman Burbank, whose life is exposed through a reality TV show. Everyone in the world knows about his everyday life. However, Truman is the only one who doesn't know his own life. All of his family members and friends are fake; they are just actors. Even the town he is living in is a gigantic TV set created by a broadcasting company. The constructed settings are quite ridiculous because they are all made up for Truman. Truman's reaction toward each character and incident is peculiar as well. He is rather naive and is confident in any situation, which makes the audience sympathize with Truman's pitiful life. ...read more.


Truman was never suspicious of his life until he heard the radio that broadcasted his every movement. On the contrary to his credulous aspects in the movie, the magazine, newspaper and the radio broadcasting are all manipulated; likewise, the media we are exposed to controls and manipulates the thoughts of the public. The movie reveals our world today. Because the advanced technology has become an effectual device for manipulation, we should protect our freedom from the media to think and act by ourselves. Not only Truman's behaviors, but also behaviors of other character like Marlon made me ponder over the insincerity of my relationships. Whenever Truman tries to do anything that deviates from the expectation of the director, Marlon is put into the set. ...read more.


He will be able to access the vast ocean of new information that he never knew before. His limitless thirst for the unknown world and attempt to widen his perception of life is praiseworthy. We should be very likely to challenge the world break from the state of illusion and unawareness. Both the setting and the characters contributed to making this movie entertaining. On the other hand, the film gives us some lessons that can help us to cope with various problems we face. The film warns that companies, the media, and even your close friends may deceive you for their greed. In order to endure serious hardships while seeking for the truth, I recommend everyone to be aware of any manipulation and biases in information you are exposed to. Moreover, don't be afraid to perceive our unawareness. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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