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The White kite with a tail. he wind was soft against her closed eyes but it still woke her with the gentle rain on her face and she turned smilingly towards him

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The White kite with a tail The wind was soft against her closed eyes but it still woke her with the gentle rain on her face and she turned smilingly towards him. "It is raining, but please don't say that we have to go home". Shaila said to her daddy. "Okay, only for a few minutes. You don't want me to catch a cold, do you?" "There's your cap for protection.......here, put it on. And the rain won't be for long anyway. I can see the sun behind the clouds". "Let's start walking back to the car. It will be a five minute walk anyway". She straightened, helping him up with one hand and holding his walking stick with another. She hooked his frail cardigan-clad arm with hers as they started walking. "Daddy, you know, it's funny but although I never flew a kite myself, when I sometimes look at the sky, I imagine flying a kite just like you did when you were young". ...read more.


Her mind drifted at the familiar drone of his voice as he talked. She nuzzled against his arm and felt secure at the familiar, comforting smell of Pond's cream and Johnsons' baby oil on Daddy. She tried to match her stride with his slower ones as they walked along, blanketed by an overwhelming sense of peace. "........still feel the spool rolling between my thumbs and forefingers........" She realized he was still lost in his kite flying days as he continued ".......the tug of the string......the direction of the wind blowing......You know what? At one stage you feel at one with the kite, as if it is you who is up there in the sky.....free and far away." "Tell me, Daddy. If I were a boy, would you have taught me how to fly a kite?" "Have I ever stopped you from doing anything because you were born a girl?" he asked with a half-smile, turning and looking at Shaila. "Of course, you did, Daddy, many times." ...read more.


At a loss, she glanced sideward and there it was, her very own composition of Daddy's epitaph, mocking her to full wakefulness. I see the beacon that beckoned us to the right side, I hear the voice that we always sought as a guide, I treasure the gifts of your fatherhood that are never to be lost, I feel the love that was always there no matter what, And yet I struggle to find the words, That will tell you you're true worth. A sense of unutterable void overcame her as she lay still under the clear blue sky, trapped in the feeling of being alone all of a sudden. The here and now seemed still and confined, reminding her of the narrow horizon of the sky she was referring to earlier. A sense of rebellion gripped her as if the sublime peace she enjoyed only some moments ago could not be lost just like that. But then something in the horizon caught her eye and she stared in disbelief. There it was......flying high........free and far away.......no, it couldn't be.......but yes, there it was..........a white kite with a blue fluttering tail. ?? ?? ?? ?? Nusrat Sharmin ...read more.

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