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This story happened when I was a Grade five student. This is my first time to travel to USA by air without my parents. I was absolutely over the moon the night before I went to USA. And I got up early and checked my baggage.

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The beautiful memory in my mind Date: 2011/01/09 Name: Selence Identity is an expression of self either internal or external. My own identity exists when I was born. I do not have chance to change it, in fact, I do have ability to know it deeply as much as I can. Asking for my family history is not an only way to search my identity. Developing my identity by myself in the daily life is the better way. After all I am individual so that I should hold my own personality. This story happened when I was a Grade five student. This is my first time to travel to USA by air without my parents. ...read more.


However I realized that I should put my heavy bag into the luggage rack which was above my head. Unfortunately, It was so weighty that I could not even lift it. I tried to let the airline hostess help me but they were all as busy as bees. I was timid to ask for help because the people around me were all foreigners. They walked back and forth from here to there. At that time, I was like a hen on a hot griddle. I managed to hold my tear back in order to pluck up courage to say something to the woman who was beside me. " Excuse me, can you help me?" ...read more.


Some words which she told me were kept in my mind forever: Confidence is the most important thing in our life. The first step of success is to bring up your confidence. During the days in USA, I chat with other people actively and learned more American culture. After this long flight, I became more confident and independent in my life. I had proved that I could be responsible for myself and have the ability to be confident. Now I am no longer a child in Grade five, I am a teenager instead. Speaking English is a normal thing which I do every day. But the confidence now I own comes from the experience in the past. God makes man equally, there is no distinction between two identities. Your own identity is made by yourself. After all, the destiny and future are in your hands. ...read more.

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