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Triple Entry Journal

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Triple Entry Journal Original Text (Page 87 -middle page) Changed Text Justifications -Hugh Ballybeg. Burnfoot. Kings Head. Whiteplains. Fair Hill. Dunboy. Green Bank. Owen snatches the book from Hugh. -Owen I'll take that. (in apology) It's only a catalogue of names. -Hugh I know what it is. -Owen A mistake - my mistake - nothing to do with us. I hope that's (tea) strong enough. (He throws the book on the table and crosses over to Jimmy.) Jimmy. Wake up, Jimmy. Wake up, man. -Jimmy What - what - what? -Owen Here. Drink this. Then go on away home. There may be trouble. Do you hear me, Jimmy? There may be trouble. -Hugh (indicating Name-Book) We must learn those new names. -Owen (searching around) Did you see a sack lying about? -Hugh We must learn where we live. We must learn to make them our own. We must make them our new home. ...read more.


-Federico (pointing towards the directory of names) Did you find a bag somewhere? -Roberto We have to learn where we learn. We have to learn to make them our own. 'Deve diventare la nostra casa dolce casa'. Federico finds a bag and puts it on his shoulders. -Federico I am aware of where I live -Roberto James feels he knows as well. When I look at James, three things come to my mind: 'Uno' - that what shapes us is not the literal past, the 'facts' of history, but images of the past included in the language. James had stopped making that distinction. -Federico Don't instruct me, Dad. -Roberto 'Due' - we should never stop updating those images; because when we do it we age. Is there no Puccia bread? -Federico 'E terzo, Padre' - one, unchangeable 'fact': 'If is not found, we are all going to be removed from here, Jacques had published the order. ...read more.


-Then, while roberto is saying a speech in English, he begins to speak in Italian, mentioning number. This is because he wants to emphasise the points he is making, by capturing the others' attention by using another language. -Puccia bread, is a typical southern Italian bread, which is very famous in Italy. It is as famous in italy as soda bread is in Ireland. -Roberto underline the point hat Federico is making by saying' True', he says this because he wants to underline and show his appreaciation and comprehension for what Federico addedo to the point. -Federico finishes hsi point by saying 'Ciao', which is a very common, Italian, way of saying hello or bye bye. -Roberto uses a very slang and informal way of saying 'What' in Italian. This is not well mannered at all, and is usually used when a person says something without thinking about it. -Federico leaves, it seems as if there is something sinister in this statement, because he doesnt say precisely when he will leave, and where he will go. English A2/HL Caterina Coluccia ...read more.

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