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Zoos Are Animal Prisons That Violate Animal Ethics. The main motive of a proprietor in building a zoo is to establish a business that would generate him money. Unfortunately, this business involves the exploitation of animals.

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  • Essay length: 2102 words
  • Submitted: 30/08/2011
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International Baccalaureate Languages

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Zoos Are Animal Prisons That Violate Animal Ethics

When I was in first grade, my favorite pastime was watching animal-themed shows on Discovery Channel because of my curiosity in animal behavior and lifestyle. I absolutely enjoyed observing and analyzing animal movement, whether it may be the furtive crawl of a snake that is eyeing on a prey or the fleet sprint of a tiger that is pursuing an antelope. I was deeply fascinated with animal motion; I even memorized the maximum speeds of the fastest land animals. Whenever I saw rhinoceroses, giraffes and hippopotamuses on television, I felt I was only a meter away from them. I really hankered to be able to encounter these animals personally. For plenty of months, I tirelessly persuaded my dad into bringing me to a zoo; he finally made my desire a reality during my seventh birthday. The two of us underwent a dragging journey from Manila to the Tagaytay Highlands Zoo. My excitement escalated with every passing minute while I was confined in the passenger seat. Because I was still puerile, I easily became peevish during that lengthy drive. To say the least, a few hours of being restrained in

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