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infinite surds

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The Sparkling Night There was once a panda named Kandee. Kandee had the best life ever. The best parents, the best friends, and most important of all the best boyfriend. Her boyfriend was Jimmy the penguin. They were both madly in love. The only problem was both Jimmy and Kandee's parents did not know about them dating. How could they? Penguins and pandas hated each other. One day Jimmy walked Kandee home from school and Kandee's dad saw them holding hands. ...read more.


Kandee's mom and dad actually started liking Jimmy. Jimmy had a great personality and great sense of style. She was foolish to believe their relationship could actually workout. Kandee and Jimmy worked on homework and projects everyday after school. Everything was going well until one day Jimmy decided to stay after school. That day Kandee had to walk home alone. While she was walking a big, bad wolf jumped out of the forest and attacked poor Kandee. The crazy thing is that Jimmy tried to catch up with Kandee and actually saw the wolf walking away. ...read more.


Look up at the sky tonight and I'll be watching." And then lying in the lap of her loved one she passed away. Jimmy was stuck with the fact that he knew who had attacked Kandee but since he had told Kandee's parents he was blind he couldn't tell them or anyone else that he had seen the wolf that killed Kandee. That night Jimmy looked up at the sky and saw something glimmering. Jimmy had never seen something so shiny and sparkly in the sky. He knew it was Kandee and that she was watching him throughout the night as a star in the sky. ...read more.

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