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The comparison between the percentage of ethnic students and the average rent per week in British universities.

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The comparison between the percentage of ethnic students and the average rent per week in British universities. Introduction An investigation to clarify whether when the average rent rate is higher at a British university the percentage of Ethnic students becomes higher. The selection of British universities occurred by taking 30 successive universities, from a random starting point (with aid from a random number generator) with the Average Rent per week and Percentage of Ethnic students recorded. This selection process has made the investigation more valid by giving a real spectrum of university standards. Due to the fact that increasingly more ethnic students apply to university and that many immigrants will usually invest more in education, including monetary investments, therefore it is logical the hypothesis adhere to this. A correlation between the average rent rate and the percentage of ethnic students is high. In order to discover the relationship between ethnic students and universities with different rates of rent all the data must show a strong link to each other, performing tests is an effective method for determining this. Plan To begin with, to find data suitable for statistical testing, Push.com is seen to have a realistic view of universities due to the involvement of more student input and a wider spectrum of university life is considered�. ...read more.


This also shows that the percentage of ethnic student's averages quite low therefore as the data is further analysed higher percentages of ethnic students could be found at universities with a higher than normal average rent per week, thus it could prove H� to be accepted. Mid-range was then calculated for the percentage of ethnic students, 2(Royal Agricultural College) + 66 (Queen Mary, University of London) = 34% 2 Also shows a low percentage of ethnic students attending university but is substantially higher than the value calculated from the mean. This shows that more tests and analysing will need to be done before a conclusive result is given. In the same way the mid-range of the average rent per week was higher than the mean value, 46.86(University of Northampton) + 147.07(Royal Academy Of Music) = �96.97 2 The increase in both value is because the mid-range uses the two extremes of a set of data, therefore anomalies usually are used in the calculation. In this case the anomalies have caused both mid-ranges to be higher than their calculated mean. The mean is a more accurate calculation as it includes more of the data within it even though it is still affected by the anomalies. ...read more.


Although there is a clear and significant correlation this does not prove a causal relationship between the two variables. In real life there are many different reasons behind a higher percentage of ethnic students at universities with a higher average rent per week yet it is a new theory in which there is scope for further investigation. Institution % Ethnic Students Average Rent Per week Leeds Metropolitan University 24 �62.30 Leicester University 9 �70.50 University of Lincoln 3 �63.42 Liverpool Hope University 10 �70.00 University of Liverpool 19 �61.03 London Metropolitan 55 �99.84 London South Bank University 48 �99.72 Loughborough University 10 �87.16 LSE 50 �108.99 Manchester Metropolitan 24 �62.34 University Of Manchester 17 �60.39 Middlesex University 65 �80.36 Napier University 14 �76.84 Newcastle University 15 �64.02 North East Wales Institute 1 �51.76 University of Northampton 18 �46.86 Northumbria University 14 �58.97 University of Nottingham 10 �71.64 Nottingham Trent University 22 �60.44 Oxford Brookes University 15 �78.69 University of Oxford 14 �50.00 School of Pharmacy, University of London 30 �61.37 University of Plymouth 2 �65.14 University of Portsmouth 26 �74.79 Queen Mary, University of London 66 �96.28 Queens University Of Belfast 3 �52.59 University Of Reading 16 �83.32 Roehampton University 38 �78.80 Royal Academy Of Music 25 �147.07 Royal Agricultural College 2 �106.10 ?? ?? ?? ?? Dachinii Lee-Hewitt �http://push.co.uk/document.aspx?id=c023692d-2a00-460c-b753-97eb1155a6e4 � http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/ethnic ...read more.

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