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International Baccalaureate: Misc

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  1. ITGS Portfolio :: Are Wi-Fi networks safe? My interview with an IT expert.

    Innocent citizens would be blamed if their I.P. addresses are hacked. The highly confidential data can be leaked and misused by the others. It is of paramount importance that the Wi-Fi owners to set a password and change it regularly from time to time to reduce the chances of it being subject to hacking, and whenever there is a problem it should be reported to the cyber crime branch as soon as possible to reduce or prevent any form of damage. There are even other various ways or protecting the network.

    • Word count: 1167
  2. Free essay

    The Evolution of a Theme/Element in Popular Culture. Industries such as the jewellery and the animation industry has managed to keep their continuity, while others such as music players and storage devices needed to be constantly changing to catch up with

    One of the very first images to be broadcast over television was that of Felix the Cat. One of the early cartoon characters that gained huge popularity were Mighty Mouse and Heckle and Jeckle. Then came the great facilitator, Walt Disney, who quickly capitalized on the medium of television with his own weekly TV series, Disneyland. His contribution to cartoon industry has been phenomenal. The 1960s saw a decline in the entire animation industry that affected the medium as a whole for over twenty years. The cartoon creations of all the Hollywood studios seemed to be affected by an apathy that led to a general decline in quality for the industry.

    • Word count: 1684
  3. ITGS portfolio Education games

    Many of today's children are addicted to playing computer games. B- IT BACKGROUND OF THE ISSUE An educational computer game can be defined as an electronic medium with all the characteristics of a gaming environment that have intended educational outcomes targeted at specific groups of learners.(educational games) Educational computer games can be of a great use in today's world. Most of the children are always playing computer games, and if they are made to play a game, enjoy it and at the same time learn some new skills then it would be a lot easier and simpler.

    • Word count: 1025
  4. ITGS portfolio Extension

    People can hack into Wi-Fi networks which have highly confidential data which can be leaked and provided to outsiders or misused by the hackers. IP can be masqueraded and illicit acts can b carried out by hackers. Genuine innocent citizens can be penalized if their IP addresses are hijacked. It can cause a great amount of confusion in the law enforcing department if they do not have law enforcing mechanisms to check these kinds of terrorist actions. It is of vital importance to take security measures to prevent tapping and misuse of Wi-Fi .Passwords should be set by the owners when they establish the Wi-Fi networks so that outsiders cannot gain access to network and misuse it.

    • Word count: 1617
  5. Sylvia Plath - Lesbos

    O vase of acid, It is love you are full of. You know who you hate." (Lines 69-72) By insisting that the only "love" that the mistress holds is romantic and contrasting it to Plath taking care of "babies [and]... sick cats" Plath portrays the mistress as not having love for her children, and only for her husband, thereby portraying the mistress negatively for not loving children. Furthermore, by portraying the mistress as "acid", Plath further emphasises her intention of portraying the mistress as dangerous and a bad influence.

    • Word count: 1353
  6. "Night" Commentary

    This use of quick, short lines makes it seem as though it is all happening so fast that there's only time to think in this shortened note form, which stresses the feeling of panic and blur that Elie is experiencing. In the next paragraph, the sudden use of casual, carefree style as he describes the appearance of the inmates' mismatched clothing as "pretty strange!" puts us off guard and provides some relief from the hurried panic that had just occurred moments ago, however it is almost like an oxymoron in context with the lines preceding it, which are "In a few seconds, we had ceased to be men.

    • Word count: 1052
  7. Information Technology in a Global Society - analysis of an article "Using data mining technology to help solve health and society problems, but is it also causing a privacy concern?"

    In an article from the website ScienceDaily Tom M. Mitchell, head of the Machine Learning Department in Carnegie Mellon's School of Computer Science, said "But risks to privacy from aggregating these data are on a scale that humans have never before faced." Criterion B: The IT Background of the Issue There are various approaches with mining technique when in it comes to mining healthcare data to help solve problems. Below, [Diagram 1] is a basic mining cycle for healthcare problems, in which these are the steps where the mining technique would be used to help solve healthcare issues.

    • Word count: 1712
  8. Information Technology in a Global Society - article commentary "What are the security risks of employees using mobile devices in their workspace?"

    It's also useful for transferring data to and from the devices at the workplace. While the devices may be useful, business owners should be aware that it comes with frightening security risks to both the employees and the business owners. Media players, flash drives and smart phones, such devices now come with USB ports for to transfer data or other documents into or from another device. During this transfer, viruses and malware could also be transferred casing devices to lose important data.

    • Word count: 1827
  9. English: Creative writing piece

    Moreover, you don't undergo a revolution without taking some risks. I thought about how my plan would diminish British and Hessian power and cause them to take us, the Revolution and I, seriously. Just in August I remembered, my army had being exhausted, demoralized and uncertain of its future. We had been invaded by British and Hessian troops and we hadn't been ready for them. We were forced to desperately escape to the island of Manhattan. However, the British had followed us to Manhattan and compelled us to retreat again, this time across the Hudson River to New Jersey.

    • Word count: 1017
  10. Clinic

    • Word count: 1885
  11. Platos and Aristotles Influence on Christianity

    People have made the world imperfect. This thought is very similar to the Christian way of thinking - God made Paradise which was perfect but made humans live in an imperfect world. Still, if God created the world, he has to be external. In this case, one might say that there is no necessity for a God. Laplace has said: "If God is out of the world of human experience, then he might as well not exist at all." We have no reason to believe in God when we will never have any evidence to support that claim.

    • Word count: 1034
  12. Kill Bill Mixed-Genre Film

    In terms of narrative structure, Kiddo follows the profile of the "lone samurai". Who in many classic Japanese movies such as "Long Wolf and Cub" is described to be a character on a mission for vengeance, which in her case, is very similar to her journey. Many classic Japanese movies also contain this story of "endless adventure" where the filmmakers produce a long-lived series starring a main character who is so skilled with her weapon (katana) he/she is virtually invincible (relating to the Hardbody genre).

    • Word count: 1196
  13. Internet and computer safety

    Also checking the web history that your child has just been using will help. Finally, if you become aware of the language that is used by children over the net with lots of abbreviations for example LOL (laughing out loud), or in fact POS (parents over shoulder) is one that is sometimes used which you could become familiar with for your child's safety. 2. Find a news item of a child being targeted by an online predator. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/wales/8491371.stm (i) Do a presentation of the issue, explaining an appropriate social and/or ethical issue related to the IT system used.

    • Word count: 1148
  14. French Wine

    Wine Drinking in moderation La Sant� - All the essential vitamins are found in a glass of wine. - Consumption of wine today is increasingly defined as occasional. - This has been accompanied by a growing concern for dietetics, good health and lifestyles which have had an impact on the wine consumption. - n a observ� depuis longtemps que nous avons, enFrance, moins de maladies cardio-vasculaires que dans d'autres pays malgr� une alimentation qui n'est pas toujours meilleure. C'est ce que l'on a appel� le paradoxe fran�ais.

    • Word count: 1666
  15. Can taking life be justified?

    Chase: "What and go to jail for the rest of my life? What's just about that?...... I did the right thing! There has to be another way! " The Priest: "you want absolution I have told you how to get it." This issue is an important one; since man has existed we have fought and killed one another for various reasons. But only recently have we started to question war, previously battle was seen as a glorious noble thing, but World War One and Two enlightened us to just how tragic war can be.

    • Word count: 1452
  16. World Lit. 2- Symbolism of the Town Square in Chronicle of a Death Foretold

    When the town square is first introduced in the novella, the layout of the square is also mentioned. Marquez writes about Santiago's house being located on one side of the square, and the house's "Fatal Door" that Santiago went out of "to receive the Bishop" (Marquez 12). In the Latino culture, Catholicism teaches forgiveness, acceptance, and love. Ergo, a strong religious leader teaches the society this behavior and guides the community to live by such ideals. Ironically, the Bishop in Marquez's novella exhibits great apathy toward his people, but for some reason, that remains unmentioned through out the novella.

    • Word count: 1379
  17. Madame Bovary Comparison Paper (title too long)

    She has an overly romanticized view of the world and craves beauty, wealth, and the sophistication that comes along with it. It is the ideas of these romantic ideals and the realities of her country life that drive her into two extramarital love affairs, and cause her to amass an incredible amount of debt that eventually leads to her suicide. "By order of the king, law, and justice, to Madame Bovary." Then, skipping several lines, she read, "Within twenty-four hours, without fail-" But what?

    • Word count: 1043
  18. Precis Global Warming

    He provides the article with many examples about how Global Warming is a waste of time and money, and he makes reference to Vice President Yuri A. Izrael, scientist Michael Crichton and Richard Lindzen. When introducing physicist Lindzen, Ball uses the allusion "another cry in the wilderness" referring to John the Baptist to imply that Lindzen is another individual fighting his way towards the truth. The author also makes a hyperbolic allegory to the holocaust; "(...) being called climate change denier with all the holocaust connotations of that word."

    • Word count: 1425
  19. What are the concerns of practitioners and patients on Electronic Medical Records?

    systems installed as they help save a huge amount of time, decrease errors yet reduce the cost. Developers at different regions need to corporate to agree on how the information is presented uniformly in all the systems throughout the nation and once the system is completely built, a patient who travels all around the US or changes places to live can still get the best care at any clinic or hospital without filling medical forms again and again. However, there is a concern on the security of the access and the exchange of the private information, as well as the loss of data.

    • Word count: 1507
  20. What are the effects of the attacks that caused Facebook to be degraded and a black-out on Twitter for two hours?

    The experts identified the attack as the Denial of Service (Dos), which tended to stopped all the operation of the websites that Cyxymu was trying to access. The attack had forced all the big websites to shut down or degraded, which leads to serious consequences of other users. This attack had violated the "Internet Proper Use Policy" of the IAB, additionally making inconvenience for others, causing a great loss of time and money. B. THE IT BACKGROUND OF THE ISSUE The Denial of Service (DoS)

    • Word count: 1007
  21. Darkness At Noon World Lit Paper 2

    Koestler uses Rubashov as a vehicle to describe the struggle between the ideas of the party and of the individual. The transformation from despising the "silent partner" to an overall understanding of the necessity to acquire it can explain the flaw of the party. As Rubashov is slowly accepting his grammatical fiction he is getting closer to understanding why the party needed the ideologies of the grammatical fiction. The trance-like state of mind that Rubashov experiences is describe as a feeling of uniqueness but at the same time an awareness of a spiritual feeling of oneness with the entire human race.

    • Word count: 1168
  22. Guterson's Snow Falling on Cedars

    Set in 1954 in the depths of winter, the date of the setting is symbolic of the turbulent community. The island setting is reflective of the isolation of the characters, enhancing the portrayal of San Piedro as a microcosm of the global community. Guterson portrays the harshness of life on an island, requiring the characters to adhere to a code of solitude. Consequently, the characters are silently forceful in their opinions pertaining to race and cultural distinctions. This is reflective of human nature to mask "the truth of [their] private nature". Island location is reflective of the closed emotions of the characters. As a microcosm of the world, San Piedro illuminates bigotries and exacerbates the tension in the air.

    • Word count: 1211
  23. NYAA expedition

    :) We started preparing; each one of the team, voluntarily said what they would be able to bring. So in the end, we were well balanced and didn't have any trouble with the preparation. The Big Day! It's now 10 a.m., 11th March 2009... We started walking...needless to say we were all packed with excess energy. After walking a few kilometers, one of our friends realized that he had forgotten his rice cooker at the starting point. While the rest continued, 2 groups waited for that friend to fetch his utensil. We couldn't just leave him and his group there; it wouldn't be faithful towards our mate!

    • Word count: 1141
  24. What is a human?

    If it processes someone with tears it will assume they are sad, it does not have the capability to understand whether the person is crying because he/she is sad or because he/she has been laughing very hard at a joke. Furthermore, even smart animals cannot make complex decisions whilst thinking about further implications. Chimpanzees - reputed for a high intelligence - may be able to create strategies to get what they want, such as playing dead near a predator or stealing from a local village under the cover of the night, but they do not consider the future implication of their actions - too much stealing will mean the villagers will rebel and possibly kill the chimps.

    • Word count: 1000
  25. Databases Portfolio

    Is the problem clear ? ? Yes The problem is ? Privacy and security, such informatio can be accessed by unautherized individuals Can you describe one viable solution ? ? yes One viable solution is ? Only limit the access to those who are incharge of the database and inform that such information will be viewed by those autherized workers. Also have a strong protection software. Do you have access to a range of resources on this topic ? ? yes Approved __________________________ Date __________ (Teacher's signature) Database Portfolio 4 Ammar Abouelghar Mr.

    • Word count: 1546

The IB Diploma Programme is a demanding and robust programme of education which students follow at the ages of 16-19. The DP has been recognised as being a strong qualification by universities across the globe, and by leading employers. The DP ensures that students: develop their intellect with due ethical consideration, acquire a breadth of knowledge by studying subjects from 6 subject groups (unlike Advanced level where students generally choose three subjects), and undertake in-depth research into an area of personal interest.

The actual subjects studied include a choice of language, anadditional language, a social science, an experimental science and mathematics. In addition to this students then choose an either arts subject or can choose a second subject form the original 5 groups. Three core elements are also required: that extended essay, completion of the Theory of Knowledge course and Creativity, Action and Service (CAS), which is a range of activities which run alongside the academic programme. Assessment is completed by both internal means and by external examination. Each course is marked and students awarded a score between 1 (the lowest), to 7 (the highest). The diploma is awarded to students who achieve a score of at least 24 points.


The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, a widely accepted pre-university qualification, was developed in the 1960s as an educational standard for a globalising world. If you want to attend university in another country, or you just want to infuse your education with an international perspective, then the IB diploma could be a good option for you.

Excellent writing skills will be indispensable here: each course is partly assessed on written work, and students are required to submit an extended essay as well. To support you in all your writing endeavours, Marked by Teachers has amassed a collection of student-submitted IB essays covering everything fromthe group 4 projects to world literature. Study the teacher-marked and peer-reviewed examples to learn how to edit your own essays, and produce highly polished work.

After leaving school, you'll have the chance to attend university in another country if you wish; today, the IB diploma is recognised by over 2,000 institutions around the world. But even if you stay at home, you'll be well prepared to build a career in today's globalised economy.


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