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International Baccalaureate: Misc

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  1. Medea Quote Analysis

    She already recognizes that Jason is a member of Creon's family with his marriage to Glauce. Medea also refers to her children as "cursed," a curious choice of phrase; perhaps hinting that had they not died by Medea's hand, they would have died some equally horrible way. Medea is accustomed to being stronger than this, she seems surprised at her own womanly weakness: "Should I not weep?" It is almost as if she is trying to justify her reaction to herself, and foreshadows her mental battle with herself over murdering her sons.

    • Word count: 861
  2. The Role of Sin in The Crucible

    you loved me then and you do now!" (Miller 1246). Peterson 2 It is clear that she still longs for him, in fact, she states it baldly that she lusts for him still- very unlike a proper Puritan girl. Proctor, very much aware of his black sin of lust and the stain upon his soul as a result, tries to absolve himself by denying it ever happened, which infuriates Abigail to no end: "You loved me, John, and whatever sin it is, you love me yet!"

    • Word count: 1586
  3. Drawbacks of ICT in a global society

    So when we visit the hospital or visit leisure clubs we don't have to waste our time entering our name and then entering our details, we just swipe the card and the database records our name. But there are problems; our details are not completely secure with all these information systems. People hack banks and hospitals and can easily gain our information. Once they have our information they can edit it, delete or can use it to blackmail us. Pune (India), 2005 hackers broke into a multinational bank.

    • Word count: 830
  4. Home working is a key revolution in business and technology industry and is becoming even-more popular for the enterprises. Home working or remote working allows employees to expand their day and increase productivity.

    Security concerns also arise with file sharing, as it opens tunnels through firewalls. British telecom has recently lost �134m, and calling its home workers back to the office. The company states that the main cause of the loss is lack of surveillance of the home workers. This has majorly affected the company in the time of recession. The company promoting this new revolution for last decade will be changing its working practices to keep a watchful eye on its employees. 2 The IT background of the issue The advancement in technology and the extensive use of the internet has encouraged people to demand better networking and quicker communications, to increase efficiency and quality of their work.

    • Word count: 1233
  5. Art Gallery Critique

    The horizon between land and water divided the artwork into equal halves. On the shell of the turtle was a geometric pattern with several circles overlapping each other. Below the turtle was a white lotus flower blooming in the midst of a pond painted with the same shade of green as that of the reptile. Surrounding the lotus flower were numerous large lotus leaves floating on the surface of the water. Stodart painted the background of the artwork with an ashy and creamy color which contrasted with the dominating color of green.

    • Word count: 627
  6. Preventing Computer Risk

    How does an antivirus program vaccinate a program file? * Recorded information about program such as file size and creation date. * Attempts to remove any detected virus. * Quarantines infected files that it cannot remove. * Uses information to detect if virus is trying to reach a certain file or system.

    • Word count: 447
  7. Disposal of Computers

    If it is hard to contact a recycling organization, it is necessary to find to find a waste disposal contractor who can dispose the machine for you for a set cost.

    • Word count: 324
  8. Influence of advertising on me and other people

    Televisions and posters show models wearing different clothing. The ads for Calvin Klein, H/M, Levi, Dress man are some of the examples. When models put on this kind of clothes and look good in them, I get the feeling that the clothes must be made good. And I also get another feeling that if I get to consume any of the clothes advertised it look as good on me as they did on the models. Advertising has an influence what other people eat. There are ads for hotdogs, hamburgers, ice cream, beer and the list keeps going.

    • Word count: 519
  9. Commentary on February the 17th

    The short line lays emphasis on the phrase, increasing the impact of the last line. The poet also explores the relationship between nature and man. Most of his poems focus on the insignificance of man compared to nature, however, in this one we see a slightly different approach to this. We see man more as being part of nature, helping with it's natural processes, as the narrator helps the mother give birth to her stillborn, saving her life. For instance, in the lines 'timing my effort // To her birth-push groans I pulled against // The corpse that would not come', the poet's coordination with the mother to help her end this ordeal.

    • Word count: 1403
  10. Development of Nora's and Torvalds relationship in "Dolls House"

    I believe Ibsen has been able to skillfully set about the play in a manner that makes us believe there is a somewhat a tranquil atmosphere. This later can be contrasted against the developing sinister truths that emerge with regards their relationship; could quite possibly draw attention to the problems as dramatically and seemingly a small issue a couple that have 'been married for eight years' split each going their separate ways. Healthful relationships of that of a husband and a wife have certain features and characteristics and a relationship one like that of a father and a child between the couple can't be reflective of those features and as a result can't be good for the marriage.

    • Word count: 1301
  11. Wirless Protocols

    with mobile phones or byte data with hand-held computers (transferring files). It was originally conceived as a wireless alternative to RS232 data cables. It can connect several devices, overcoming problems of synchronization. It is used in many devices such as telephones, the Wii, PlayStation 3 and recently in some high definition watches, modems and headsets. Bluetooth uses a radio technology called frequency-hopping spread spectrum, which breaks up the data being sent into pieces and transmits chunks of it on up to 79 frequencies. In its basic mode, the modulation is GFSK.

    • Word count: 840
  12. Careers Brochure

    Although the agent can help one find a property, he can also help you sell your property or help you look for a property that one can lease temporarily. When selling the house the agents know what to include in fliers that advertise the property and what the right price to sell it is. In order to become a Real-Estate Agent all you have to do is pass High School and get your High School diploma. A related occupation in this field is being a Broker.

    • Word count: 635

    The criticism of the artist continues as she say's "Poor chap he has obsession with triangles". UA fanthorpe has analyzed this piece of art and is giving comments on it. The main mission of UA fanthorpe was to give the voice to the women in this piece of art and this links with other poems she have written such as woman ironing. In woman ironing it has a similar idea of giving the voice to a women In the late 19th century and early 20th century woman did not have the right to speak out or to express their opinion and was held back.

    • Word count: 737
  14. ITGS Portfolio 1

    If 2005 was the year of global Peak Oil, worldwide oil production in the year 2030 will be the same as it was in 1980. However, the world's population in 2030 will be both much larger (approximately twice) and much more industrialized (oil-dependent) than it was in 1980. This is why the world will be looking for other sources of energy and fuel for cars and all the other machines. Car companies introduced many new technologies such as the hybrid cars and the electric cars (EV).

    • Word count: 1464
  15. The article for my portfolio is http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/politics/8295863.stm. The Conservatives will "retrench" to a passport database when they scrap the ID scheme

    and the date of publication of the book. Finally, in every database, there is a part called the key field. This part is unique to all fields in a database. It helps identify a field in a database. Criterion B- IT background of the issue Data recording has been a part of regular human life since the early 1500s. Early scientists and workers usually recorded their findings, earnings and other valuable information in a book for future reference and safe keeping.

    • Word count: 647
  16. Of Mice and Men Film Analysis

    For the first scene of 'Of Mice and Men', we studied it and broke it down to pieces. We realized that the structure of the scene was that it consisted of three sequences. The initial sequence took place in a train beginning with a melody of slow tempo, complementing the dragging and depressing sound it comprised. The camerawork focused the viewer on the opening credits, as it allowed a flare of light to creep in behind cracks every time a credit was displayed, drawing the audience's eyes to it.

    • Word count: 472
  17. Free essay

    Essay on Avertising of Diamonds and what they are not telling you

    This captures the attention of the consumer and appeals to their desire for luxury. The use of engagement rings has double appeal, for men and women. The appeal for women is a fantasy of receiving one of these rings for her engagement. For men it is also a fantasy, being able to present one of these rings as a proposal. Beneath the rings is a paragraph of text, a persuasive body copy to reinforce the luxury appeal of the item.

    • Word count: 1076
  18. health and social care

    Groups and initiatives that approach families without being intrusive, and address their needs through non-stigmatizing methods have proved quite supportive and beneficial. Exclusion manifests in different dimensions. Individuals or groups suffer from one or more forms of exclusion ranging from low income, low wealth, poor health, lack of production activity to social isolation and political disengagement (Dowling,1999).Different organizations strive to alleviate poverty and contain social exclusion by implementing income generating projects within the communities, offering advocacy services,counseling,caring for the old and the disabled, giving opportunities to the children and the youth, supporting victims of domestic violence and drug addicts among

    • Word count: 897
  19. Discuss the connection between culture and art, as it is presented through significant characters, in James' novel The Europeans

    One way Eugenia's character does this is through her love of art and her complexity of lifestyle and character. Eugenia's character is what gives her her power not her looks, and this puts Eugenia in a different perspective than other women. She is introduced to the reader as an actress her art is the art of social intercourse, "She's a picture out of her own setting." This depiction of Eugenia is meant to provide a contrast between her character and manner and other characters in the novel like charlotte that is very stringent and conforms to the social norms of that society.

    • Word count: 892
  20. Imagery in Macbeth

    Moreover, Lady Macbeth further stimulates Macbeth's ambition by reminding him of what he must do in order to become king. She orders him to "look like the innocent/flower/ but be the serpent under't" (1.5.63-65) so that their evil desires are hidden from the public. She teaches him how to hide his true ambitions, so that they may succeed in stealing the throne of Duncan. In order to do this she tells him to put on a fake appearance which is represented in this line by the flower and to hide his true evil desire to become king like a serpent when the King arrives the following day at their castle.

    • Word count: 940
  21. Dynamics in Dido and Aeneas

    An example of a song in which Purcell uses many dynamic markings would be the No. 11 Chorus, in which Purcell uses dynamic throughout the piece, leaving little to the conductors interpretation. The piece starts in 'forte', which echoes what is going on in at the time, as Aeneas is about to pursue his love for Dido. All instruments as well as the chorus start the piece, and all are given the dynamic marking of forte, which creates the a loud and joyful atmosphere which Purcell effectively creates.

  22. Use of Characterization in Miguel Street

    It can be seen as a group of short stories and a series of sketches because each chapter is dominated by a single character. Furthermore those major characters reappear as minor characters in other chapters. Characterization is a key factor in understanding Naipauls's Miguel Street and V.S Naipaul reveals its characters in a certain way. He uses conflict to reveal a character to the reader and the other characters in the novel. Most of the characters in the book are controversial and each character has an element of conflict.

    • Word count: 1420

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