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International Baccalaureate: Misc

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  1. Fruit Fly Lab

    4. Third week: Remove the F1 flies from the vials and place them into the morgue. The F2 generation are the eggs and /or larvae in the vial. Place the vial in a warm place. 5. Fourth week: Begin removing the F2 flies. Record their sex and the presence or absence of mutation(s). The more F2 flies collected, the more reliable the data will be. Procedure: Step 1: Preparing Culture Tubes 1. Obtain a clean culture tube. 2. Place approximately one inch of culture media into the tube. 3. Add an equal amount of water 4.

    • Word count: 1764
  2. Microsoft Excel vs. Microsoft Access

    It also has no special graphical features to present your data. Microsoft Excel Microsoft Excel is also part of the software package Microsoft Office. It is spreadsheet software specially designed for calculating large amounts of numbers or data. Excel is much easier to use than Access although there are some functions which need to be learnt in order to create a working spreadsheet. Unlike Access, Excel is better at processing information into statistical data. There are features which can turn your standard data into percentage data in the form of a pie chart for example.

    • Word count: 811
  3. Japanese Musical Culture

    - Orchestral court music (Gagaku) - Japanese theatre . Noh . Kabuki Buddhist chanting (Shomyo) Basically, shomyo was the religious music in the Japanese culture. It was introduced to Japan by Chinese scholars, who brought Buddhism to the empire. Considering the fact that the number of Buddhists increased greatly and became the majority in the country, also all the Buddhist readings and rituals are done with music, shomyo was very common in Japan. Another feature of shomyo is that because it is religious, it was seen both in ordinary people's lives and in the Japanese court, so it was a type of music which regarded the whole Japanese nation.

    • Word count: 811
  4. Analyze the film Blade Runner, discuss the narrative techniques, representations, use of stereotypes and the genre used.

    Another of the femme fatales is Pris (Daryl Hannah); she uses her sexual guiles in much the same way. She plays a scared and harmless and harmless but beautifull in order to ensnare J. F. Sebastian (William Sanderson), lulling him into a false sense of security. She cuddles him and calls him her friend so she can manipulate him and again like Zhora wears dark tight clothes that cling to her body and leave little to the imagination. The last of the femme fatales is Racheal (Sean Young); she is introduced as the perfect example of the quintessential femme fatale.

    • Word count: 2011
  5. English Essay

    By personally addressing her people in this poem, the poet voices her personal emotions and thoughts regarding the situation, evoking the same feelings in the reader. Dramatic monologues are used to not only reveal a certain situation but also how the situation has affected the character. Through her poems, the poet exposes her cultural context of the poem and develops her view on the situation. This positions the audience to empathize with her and her people for their negative treatment from the 'Whites'.

    • Word count: 1011
  6. Oodgeroo Essay

    Audiences with absence of knowledge about the history of the Aboriginal society and also the contrary audiences were able to feel the emotions of sorrow and anger that Oodgeroo created. Oodgeroo created this emotion by explaining that the most important and sacred assets of the Aboriginal community, the "bora ring" and "corroboree" were now "gone". The Dawn is at Hand showed a contrasting perspective for Oodgeroo presented the emotion of hope in this poem. The rhyming pattern (A A B B)

    • Word count: 1069
  7. Oodgeroo Analytical Essay Kath Walker demonstrates her role as a political activist for the indigenous community by exploring the idea that white people are invaders on their land

    When Oodgeroo of the Noonuccal stood on the steps of parliament in Canberra on the 27th of March 1970 and read her poem "Dreamtime," she meant to inspire and to set an example of action for her people. She portrayed the anguish and affliction of Indigenous Australians when their land was stolen and their culture ruined by white society. She fulfilled her position as a political activist by addressing the issues they faced and by confronting the white people. She tried to drive the Aboriginal people into doing something about the injustice they had suffered by going to the "invaders talk-talk place" (Dreamtime, Line 1)

    • Word count: 837
  8. Discussion of the poem Astronauts by Robert Hayden.

    The poem also introduces the theme of God "And God's radar-watching eye?" (Line 20) This explores the possibility of God and man's need to know whether he is with them throughout the journey of life. While on the moon, they "labour at gathering proof of hypothesis..." (Line 22) so that they may learn wonders that mankind has yet to discover. This is the point at which Hayden poses the question "What is it we wish them to find for us?" (Line 27) referring to those back on earth watching from their screens (Line 29).

    • Word count: 967
  9. Langston Hughes

    (Line 5). Hughes also demands that the African-American people no longer wait for their rights, as he tires of people saying "Let things take their course. Tomorrow is another day." (Line 10). "Freedom is a strong seed planted in a great need." (Line 15) This metaphor portrays Hughes opinion on how important and powerful freedom is and how desperately his people need and deserve it. It is used to emphasize the potent longing of the African-American people for their liberty.

    • Word count: 652
  10. Creative Writing Example

    The first method I mentioned, Embryo cloning (also known as "artificial twinning"), is similar to the natural process of how identical twins are formed. Scientists begin by removing one or more cells from an embryo to be separated into an embryo of identical DNA. Embryo cloning can offer parents the option whether to have identical twins. However there will always be the fear that embryo cloning could be used corruptly, for example a cell from a soldier could be cloned several times to create a "clone army" for military purposes.

    • Word count: 871
  11. Free essay

    Analysis of sonnet 116

    The speaker is saying that he will simply not admit that true love has limitations. Here the speaker uses 'marriage' to refer to love as the communion of two perfect minds that are simply right for each other. Language devices has been used such as repetition and an emjambement. The repetition emphasises certain words such as 'love'.An enjambement is also been used to grab the reader's attention to the theme of true love by increased the pace of the sonnet and to move further into the sonnet.The speaker goes on saying 'love is not love Which alters when it alteration finds Or bends with the remover to remove,' This could be interpreted as that true love cannot change or 'bend' in any circumstances and if it does, its simply 'not love'.

    • Word count: 671
  12. Free essay

    Situation Ethics

    Fletcher's friend automatically assumed that he would vote Republican as well, however, when questioned; the cab driver said 'No, there are times when a man has to push his principles aside and do the right thing'. Fletcher claims that the cab driver is the hero of his book; this is because he acted upon what he thought was morally correct in the presented situation instead of following years of absolute principles and traditions. This is important because it meant that his decision was well-grounded and that he thought carefully about the situation instead of blindly trailing in his father's principles.

    • Word count: 1150
  13. What is a human being?

    The cartoon shows a man walking past a door with a sign saying "Philosophy Dept. Trespassers Will Be". This can be interpreted in different ways; firstly, it can illustrate Libertarianism as the sign is an incomplete sentence stating "Trespassers will be..." The fact that the sign is incomplete, portrays the idea of free will as even though the man has already trespassed the Philosophy Department, his destiny (what he "will be") is still yet to be determined. Libertarians believe that no matter how much a person is influenced by external effects to follow a particular path, they still have the power of free will to do otherwise.

    • Word count: 930
  14. The Importance of John the Baptist

    In his character, John was strong and courageous-yet humble. In his preaching he was severe-yet he demonstrated practical wisdom. He received his training in the solitude of the wilderness. John's clothing was rough, but his preaching was even rougher than his appearance. He refused to baptize the Pharisees and Sadducees, until they brought forth "fruits meet for repentance." He called them a "generation of Vipers." Both John and Jesus were conceived by the Holy Spirit. Even though John's parents were old the Angel Gabriel said that Elizabeth (John's mother)

    • Word count: 1102
  15. In Oedipus Rex, Oedipus(TM) actions demonstrate that the pursuit of truth is noble, regardless of the cost.

    Oedipus' past is truly an intriguing predicament, which, with the sparking of certain events, cannot be left dormant. His own past is a result of his and his parents' actions. He is cast out of his home by his parents after his terrible prophecy is given, and he leaves Corinth after he is told of his own fate, only to fulfil it later. Their determination to defeat fate is the cause of their ultimate downfall, and they are the very reason his past is so clouded and obscured.

    • Word count: 809
  16. Examine the ways in which Richard (from Richard 3 by Shakespeare) manages to win Anne. Consider his success or failure.

    She feels differently and calls him "diffused infection of man". He then tries again to gain her good will when she asked if he killed the king and he accepts it, she sys how he (the king) was "gentle, mild, and virtuous" and he later goes onto say that the king should thank him for killing him as "he was fitter for that place earth." This showing how he way trying to make her see things in a positive light rather than what it really was.

    • Word count: 998
  17. From the book Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, how does Pips first day in London apear in his mind.

    This showed me how he has changed in his opinion of London from what he dreamed about. He thought that London was a place of beauty but rather he comes and on his first day encounters such filthy settings and places. This just shows how he may slowly be gaining an appreciation of his home more than before. Another interesting impression that Pip describes about London is the fact that he noticed a Church NEXT to a Prison. It shows that such things were not planed out correctly. How can you have a Church next to a Prison?

    • Word count: 1447
  18. E-Commerce and Fraud

    Fraud from outside an organization can be perpetrated by consumers, hackers, or others who may pose as someone who they are not. This may include illegitimate vendors, organizations, or individuals, as well as consumers impersonating someone whom they have stolen identity from. As mentioned before, fraud in e-commerce has become such a great concern largely because of the inability to verify the identity and location of those who are dealing with each other, as well as security risks that may be not be recognized.

    • Word count: 3128
  19. From the play Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare, anaylsis the relationship between Antonio and Bassanio during the scene that Bassanio requests Antonio for a loan.

    I say this because earlier on in the scene, we read about how Antonio (who is a merchant) has had ill luck with regard to his ships, which makes us feel that he is not in the best financial situation himself let alone able to easily, and with no possible consequence, help Bassanio in his need. However he does help him. The 'main' plot of the play is the romance and 'love story' of Bassanio and Portia as this is a romantic comedy and we read of this first reference when Bassanio describes Portia "...

    • Word count: 1763
  20. My Dissatisfactions with Cigarette Smoking

    There was a very long wait to be seated at the restaurant, and I was forced to endure the wait outside. Almost all of the customers that were standing outside were smoking cigarettes. It absolutely infuriated me to have to wait outside with my baby cousin, who suffers from asthma, until it was time for us to be seated. I could not even sit comfortably on the benches because there were cigarette butts and ashes everywhere.

    • Word count: 571
  21. Oral Presentation Like Water For Choc. Chap2

    --Separates herself from the people in authority, "they" "them" (anonymous) Even though they control her life, she does not offer them respect --Feels limited by her life and not satisfied living with maxims taught. Longs for something more, "Waste not want not. I am not being wasted. Why do I want? (Rhetorical and ironic) Playful alliteration. --She is determined to survive, even if this means denying the truth sometimes, "Thinking can hurt your chances, and I intend to last." [Somewhat pathetic, we feel for her] Compares "rationed" environment (limited supplies)

    • Word count: 918
  22. Social Essay

    In that sense, most European seafaring powers were at one time Colonialist and therefore Imperialistic, regardless of their exploitation or benevolence toward their colonial possessions and people. In its second meaning historical globalization describes the imperialistic attitude of superiority, subordination and authority over foreign people and relegating foreign people to a lesser social and/or political status. The Rwandan genocide was a gruesome incident that occurred due to the effect left on the Rwandan people and politics after the Belgian colonized it.

    • Word count: 1472
  23. Tainting the World's Greatest Spectacle

    Due to freedom of choice, the legalisation of performance-enhancing drugs should be permissible for Olympic athletes to use. In today's society, some feel the need to control the morals of others by enforcing laws that ban certain products. If an athlete believes taking drugs will improve his or her performance in their particular sport, they should be permitted to do so because it is their body. The individual in question is entitled and has the right to these types of drugs since it is their personal choice, regardless of the adverse side effects these aids can have. They cause no harm to anybody except themselves, and the athletes should be treated as adults should be treated: capable of making rational decisions with the widely-available information that is out there.

    • Word count: 2802
  24. Extended Essay: How do different Flavours, Storage Times affect the Effectiveness of Crisps as a Fuel?

    It is distinct from other forms of fuel, in that when plants are grown to produce fuels, excess atmospheric carbon dioxide is absorbed in the process (Lehman); Godwin even reports a 75% reduction in greenhouse gases from this phenomena. In addition, a by product of bio fuel, glycerine, is a useful for making biscuits, confectionary products, toothpaste, soap, cosmetics and for some pharmaceuticals such as cough medicine (Godwin). Hien also paraphrases from Ginies, the managing director of the Ouagadougo-based International Institute for Water and Environment Engineering, that "biofuel byproducts could serve as livestock feed or fertiliser for food crops" and

    • Word count: 5743
  25. (English Literature) "Ivan Denisovich", despite its subject matter is in the final instance, a celebration of the human spirit in the face of extreme adversity." Discuss.

    In the morning, "Shukhov never overslept r´┐Żveille", and he would often be "offering to be of service". These two lines emphasize Shukhov's diligence, responsibility despite harsh conditions he has to endure. Tiurin is shown to be a responsible team leader. "He would never make them work for nothing", he would always feed his team for their work. Here, this line reflects Tiurin's responsibility towards the team members, especially as this description is from Shukhov, a worker in this team's perspective. Although Captain Buinovsky is new and clumsy at climbing the ramp to deliver cement, "every time" he came up "he worked more briskly" as he strives to work faster, showing us how there are definitely some hard-working prisoners.

    • Word count: 1749

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