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An examination of applicability of IT based education within present secondary school curriculum

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ITGS HL Local Portfolio Area of Impact: Education Title: An examination of applicability of IT based education within present secondary school curriculum. 3/12/2010 Word count:1001 A Presentation of the issue Over the last few years, we have seen an increase in the emergence of technologies in the classroom; allowing a large number of children to explore methods of assimilating information. In the United States, it was seen that 83% of teachers using vision report increased interaction with their students (Geneva Logic, 2007). Interactive whiteboards, PowerPoint presentations and online research has given children the opportunity to be exposed to an open educational system. However, the global development of the child cannot be attainable if the system being put in place is being limited to the schools' own VPN (virtual Private Network) or through a governmental portal whereby only the information which is deemed appropriate by the government is offered to students. Both State and private secondary schools offering the traditional British curriculum namely Cambridge School Certificate and the Cambridge Higher School Certificate are actively involved in a run for scholarships. This approach to education is more elitist and consequently a holistic education aiming at developing the global potential of the student cannot cohabitate with it. ...read more.


Furthermore, additional trust should be placed in the students. This would give them the opportunity to become more responsible, giving them the choice between using this technology wisely or not. The fourth solution would be to ask their sponsors to make a full comparative report for them regarding application of an IT based education in an elitist school with respect to a holistic development school. The solutions to the problems in relation to the equality of access are numerous, and applied properly the current IT system which is under way in Droopnath Ramphul could be further improved. The government needs to take an open view on the issue and even a lateral choice of making the school not only be a pilot case of implementation, but overall restructuring to the global education approach. Bibliography David J., 2010. L'informatique s'invite � tous les cours. L'express, 4th March 2010. Hargittai E., year unknown. The Pros and Cons of Implemeting It in the classroom: Making sense of the Hype [online] Available at: http://www.eszter.com/edu/index.html [Accessed:05.03.10] Geneva Logic, 2007. Classroom Technology & Teacher-Student Interaction [online] Available at : http://www.netop.com/fileadmin/netop/resources/products/education/vision/whitepapers/Vision6_Whitepaper_Classroom%20Management_EN_Print_NRB.pdf [Accessed on : 03.03.10] Beekman & Quinn, 2008. ...read more.


The electronic white board is connected to a laptop. The user can thus make use of that board with the help of a specially designed pen. "While making classes more interactive and visually more attractive, our aim is to encourage students to come to class more promptly. We plan to reach that aim with the support of the latest advances information technology", explains Soundara Rajen Veerapen, head of the Computer Studies department. He underlines that: "It is essential to develop the student's learning capacities in such a way that it will be helpful for their personal development and at the same time give them a better positioning in the outside world. For example, students are allowed to have interactive sessions with other students of their same age group from Rajasthan or Chennai, in India. The teachers have, for their part, monthly work sessions with pedagogues and head of international schools for exchange of ideas and the development of new teaching approaches. The SSS Droopnath Ramphul has been ranked amongst the 31 most innovative schools throughout the world. The college was chosen by Microsoft, who fosters this pilot scheme. ?? ?? ?? ?? Portfolio Area of Impact: Education Page 2 of 10 ...read more.

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