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Careers Brochure

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Real-Estate Agent Brochure So you want to be a Real-Estate Agent? Well before you can become one you must know what a Real-Estate Agent does. When someone is looking for a house the first person they turn to is a Real-Estate Agent. They hire the agents because the agents know more about properties and what to look for in a good deal. They are also given a website that has all the houses for sale listed on it and all the general information needed in order to book an appointment with the owner to take a tour of the house. The agent is able to show you all the available properties for sale and help you purchase the one that is affordable for you and suits your liking. ...read more.


In general the Broker is responsible for making sure that the Agents follow the rules and to keep the office running smoothly. Another related occupation is the Desk Secretary of the office. The Secretary is responsible for recording what Agent has a showing at what time. The Secretary makes sure no one has booked two appointments with the same person or no Agents have showings for the same house or at the same time. An Agent must be social in order to properly communicate with the clients, must also be likeable because people will be attracted to your services over another Agent's services. Finally an Agent must be professional when at work; this includes wearing proper clothing, good hygiene, and use of proper language and terms. ...read more.


I can also be an assistant coach or a coach for a junior soccer team. If I became a coach or assistant coach I could learn new plays and pass on my knowledge to the younger players. Test 1- Have you successfully passed Secondary School? 2- Did you attend any University or Collage, If so Which? 3- Do you have any previous experience in the Real-Estate industry? If so when and where? 4- Are you currently on Welfare? If yes then how long have you been on Welfare? 5- Are you currently employed by a company? 6- Are you living in a residential property of your own? 7- Do you have a criminal record? 8- Are you allergic to anything? If so then what? 9- Do you have a family? 10- Are you a Citizen of Canada? ...read more.

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