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CAS IB Report #2

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Excellent CAS The Creative Action Service (CAS) Program of my International Baccalaureate Program helped me grow in immeasurable ways. Volunteering my time was an incredibly intrinsically rewarding activity. My many excellent CAS activities introduced me to the joys of trying out new activities. I was already an active participator in school sports before excellent CAS, but lacked interest or initiative to take advantage of the innumerable service positions and creative outlets just waiting for me to explore. Excellent CAS gave me the impetus I needed, and with this initial push I soon discovered how rewarding these activities could be. The many experiences have convinced me of the need to continue volunteering and participating in activities that I have never tried before. Coaching Grade 4/5 basketball in a community basketball league turned out to be an activity I truly enjoyed and learned a lot from. Starting in the first year of IB, I enjoyed it so much I volunteered again the next year. Through this new experience I learned a lot about motivation and teaching skills. It helped me recognize the importance of patience, practice, and perseverance. Although there are some obvious differences between leading a group of kids who looked up to me and leading my peers, I feel I can apply many of these skills to my future endeavours. ...read more.


Taking part in meaningful volunteer activities throughout university should also help in later pursuits of a job, so it seems they also open up career paths as well. Participating in school sports and staying active have helped me get through IB in a relaxed and low-stress manner. Unfortunately, my broken foot and twisted ankle prevented me from taking part in school soccer or basketball this year, but otherwise playing sports or going to the gym have helped me a great deal. I love competition and staying active keeps my energy level high and increases my ability to focus for inexorably long periods of time. Having fun, feeling good, looking good, and staying fit are all important things that being active results in. This is why I go to the gym, played intramural soccer, basketball, joined intramural lunchtime sports leagues (as unofficial excellent CAS activities), and will continue to do so through university and for the rest of my life. Realistically there is not really much more growth to be accomplished in this field. But the benefits stand for all to see and will always do so. I firmly believe that taking time to relax and have fun instead of working results in a net gain, since the increased productivity and refreshed mental capacity results in a raise in efficiency that allows the task to be finished faster than if the break was not taken. ...read more.


I am making a difference in this world: I am in an elitist program and promoting the exploitation of disadvantaged people around the world while apathetic to their hunger and diseases. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the intrinsic pleasure my many excellent CAS activities brought and the personal growth, which speaks to my character that helping some people makes me happy but causing suffering and letting a far greater number of people around the world die-while I relish all the amenities of my lifestyle-leaves me indifferent. What a great responsible international global citizen excellent CAS made me become. It gave me the insight to incite denial in a population. Quite clearly I have identified a lot of room for growth for myself and western society, but unfortunately it would take a titanic effort to do so, too titanic. To those who point out at least excellent CAS helps us address the problems of the world and ask: isn't something better than nothing? Not if humanity would be better off without you. By my definition, I am in mark band zero for examples but I think this essay displays excellent balance in the overall assessment of excellent CAS. Maybe I am an idealist after all in a sense that I will not just act like a sycophant to satisfy some set of requirements set out by elitists sitting in some office somewhere. ...read more.

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