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Community Health

Extracts from this document...


Contents Page Page 2 Introduction Page 2 What is health Page 2+3 What is wellbeing Page 3+4 What is community Page 4 What is health community Page 4 About my interview Page 4 My community worker Page 4 Identify her role in the community Page 4+5 community support service Page 5+6 How the project improved the community Page 6 Aims and objectives Page 6 Partnership working Page 7 Conclusion Page 8 References Appendixes Appendix 1 Questions and answers of community worker Appendix 2 Her job description Appendix 3 Safe guarding children Appendix 4 Rainbow house Appendix 5 Kellogg's education extra award Appendix 6 Whishing well project Appendix 7 Lincolnshire project Appendix 8 Parenting and family support Appendix 9 Section 17 of the children act Appendix 10 Five outcomes for children Appendix 11 Excellence in Crewe Appendix 12 Youth inclusion support panel YISP Appendix 13 Police public protection unit Appendix 14 Gay community information Appendix 15 Birmingham Jewish community Appendix 16 Respect action plan Introduction This is my report on what a healthy community is and how my professional helps her community to be a better place to live and work in. The sections cover: What is health What is wellbeing What is a community What makes it healthy, my interview, my community worker, the community support project, aims and objectives, partnership working and conclusion. What is health? Health isn't just an absence of disease but also an abundance of vitality. Real health gives you peak physical and mental performance. With high levels of energy, emotional balance and a sharp mind, your body has the ability to fight off disease and illness and you don't suffer from preventable diseases. Your healthy body allows you to enjoy a long and healthy lifespan, and achieve your full potential, rather than the shorter lifespan ending in many years of pain, disability and ill health which are common. ...read more.


Most parents find this a helpful way of improving what they already do and they soon get used to the videoing. You Might like to drop into East Marsh Sure Start on Tuesdays or Thursdays where we could have a chat or you can ring me on 326860 where I will be only to pleased to hear from you. Did you know we can provide: - o Help, advice and a listening ear to support parents, including those who are attending or have attended the Family Matters group or Drop-in o Home visits if a family is experiencing difficulty with behaviour and routines from their children Frequently Asked Questions Q What is a North East Lincolnshire Children's Centre? A Children's Centres are places where children under five years old and their families can receive services close to their homes. The vision is universal, entitling all children and their families to services appropriate to their needs, with an aim to build stronger, more cohesive and healthier communities Children's Centres are open a minimum of ten hours a day, 5 days a week, and 48 weeks a year. The Children's Centres philosophy is to include parents and carers in decisions every step of the way to ensure that centres truly meet the needs of each individual community. Each Children's Centre consults and shares information with local parents and partners on a regular basis. For more information about North East Lincolnshire Children's Centres you can ring or e-mail any of the Children's Centres above. Q Who needs to know about Children's Centres? A Anyone who cares for a child under five years old - Mums, Dads, Grandparents and other carers. Q Is there a cost to use the Children's Centres? A There is no charge for accessing services, e.g. health team, but their maybe a small charge for refreshments at the group or to use the cr�che. ...read more.


We will extend targeted action against truancy and place a new duty on local authorities to identify children missing school and support them back into education. Activities for children and young people We know that about seven out of ten parents and young people think that young people commit crimes because there is not enough for them to do. That's why we want to expand the role of sport, constructive activities and volunteering as positive routes to nurture a culture of respect amongst young people, particularly those from deprived backgrounds. Specifically, we will develop Britain's first national youth volunteering service, establish a sports champion mentoring programme and continue to support existing mentoring projects. We will also expand the Youth Opportunity Fund and pilot Youth Opportunity Cards in a number of areas. Strengthening communities Respect cannot be built by central government or local services. Strong communities are an essential part of making that happen. However, services can create the opportunity for those to develop. If people are too scared to go out, or the see that those in authority don't confront problems how can we expect them to have the confidence to do so, or to access the support that could help them change their lives. The Respect programme aims to make local government, housing and policing more accountable to local people - empowering them to take control of their community. Effective enforcement and community justice We will continue our drive to ensure effective, swift and proportionate responses and sanctions by further extending the menu of powers available to local communities to deal rapidly and effectively with 'low level' anti-social behaviour. We will also broaden the range of people able to use existing powers. We will strengthen the powers available for frontline agencies as well as streamlining the case management of Anti-social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs) within the courts. We plan to roll out a national 'community payback' scheme of visible and constructive punishment for offenders. ?? ?? ?? ?? Francie Williams Community health and wellbeing P06179349 ...read more.

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