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Discussion of the poem Astronauts by Robert Hayden.

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Astronauts The poem "Astronauts" by Robert Hayden is the portrayal of an outer space mission and man's journey to the unknown. This is then contrasted with life back on our world and the expectations and awe that is placed upon the astronauts by those on Earth. Hayden challengers the reader with the thought of what we expect of ourselves and others, and what we hope to accomplish and gain from life. With man's fear of the unknown, the astronauts' journey symbolises the journey of life with all its hardships and doubts but also its discovery. The poem depicts the expedition of a group of astronauts as they travel into space. As they land on the moon, there amazement of what they discover is expressed "And Wow, they exclaim; oh boy, this is it" (Line 9). The team begin to sing (Line 11) as they investigate a whole new place that is untouched by man and is yet to be explored. The poem also introduces the theme of God "And God's radar-watching eye?" ...read more.


(Line 11). The third stanza suggests a mood of difficulty as the crew start to "labour" (Line 22) to find clues. Finally, the fourth stanza implies a mood of uncertainty, with Hayden inquiring into what people want from these men "They loom there heroic antiheroes" (Line 30). The author also poses a question of how people feel about the astronauts' voyage and whether people should be troubled by their passage into the unknown universe. The astronauts are the main characters as the poem follows their journey into space and onto the moon. It is portrayed that people on earth revere the astronauts because they have travelled to outer space, overcoming their fear of the unknown which mankind are still challenged with. "Smaller than myth and poignantly human" (Line 32). This explains that they are real and human and that what they've accomplished is a reality. "Poignantly human" describes that it is a good and bad thing that the astronauts are human. It is good because it means that what they have achieved is within any human's reach and that mankind's dreams have potential. ...read more.


This means they have overcome the fear of space and its wonders and have gained the peoples respect for it. Another idea present throughout the poem is that the astronaut's journey is a metaphor for the journey of life. It explores the idea that life is about overcoming challenges and fears and about exploring and discovering in order to achieve what u want out of life. One minor theme investigated in this poem is the possible existence of god. Robert Hayden introduces this idea by implying that Man often wonders whether there is a god out there and if so, is he watching us and is he there to guide us. Robert Hayden illustrates the journey of a group of astronauts in the poem "Astronauts". Questions, which are meant to make the readers think and feel about the journey, are put forward. The author positions the readers to view the astronaut's journey as a metaphor of life and the challenges people face as well as their discoveries. The bravery and heroism of the astronauts, as they have been able to overcome the fear of things unknown, may their actions provide an example for mankind for years to come. ?? ?? ?? ?? Adriana Dunne ...read more.

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