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Disposal of Computers

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Mike Kang Ms. Jader ITGS HL Disposal of Computers The production and disposal of computers, coupled with their short life span is having a potentially disastrous effect on the environment according to a report by the UN. Therefore, instead of just disposing the computers, people should consider re-using and recycling the parts, such as re-using the RAM, and recycling the useless parts through organizations that take old computers and replace the damaged, or unusable parts with the ones that work, and completely erase the data from the hard drive, before finding a new owner. ...read more.


Fortunately, the disposal process would become much easier in the future due to the initiation of the 'Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment knows as "WEEE". This policy will make the manufacturers of the computer parts responsible for the deposal of it, hopefully reducing the amount of harmful waste. Summary of ways to dispose computers effectively: 1. Sell it 2. Find an alternative way to use the computer 3. Reuse usable parts 4. Contact the disposal contractor 5. ...read more.


What happens to E-Waste? Computer and monitors contain heavy metal such as the ones listed above, which a have a devastating impact on the environment. For a quite a few years, developed countries have transported their waste to inexpensive countries such as Ghana and China. Due to this, a new policy has emerged making it illegal to export e-waste to China, yet this is still done through smuggling. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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