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Dutch politics. Political parties are aiming for the same goals. The people in it share the same thoughts. They usually dont aim for only one goal, but they want to change more.

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Dutch politics; 3 political parties Unit Citizenship Version 1 International business studies 28-09-2010 Index: * Introduction * PvdA - Immigration/Integration - Environment - Economy * Christen Unie - Immigration/Integration - Environment - Economy * Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie - Immigration/Integration - Environment - Economy * Conclusion * Sources list Introduction: Political parties are aiming for the same goals. The people in it share the same thoughts. They usually don't aim for only one goal, but they want to change more. There are different types of political parties. In the Netherlands there are different political views. You have left and right parties, their ideas differences a lot. The left parties fight for the weak people in the community. They want that the government takes them into account on certain areas. The right parties want that the government leave the people alone. They want a free nation. They think that the government shouldn't get involved with everything. There are also parties who are in the politics middle, but they can choose for each topic on which side they are. Anyway they will lean slightly left or right. There are different political parties. You have the socialism, communism, liberalism and conservatives. The socialists stand for poorer workers, equality and rights for women. The communists also stands for equality and classless society. ...read more.


How the ChristenUnie thinks about immigration/integration: * The ChristenUnie thinks that the best way to deal with so many different cultures is to give each other space. There are a lot of immigrations and they think that it's not good for our country. The community has to suffer too much. The country is changed in a good way, but also in a bad way some people doesn't feel comfortable anymore. So the mutual trust must grow more. * The ChristenUnie also doesn't want that the people completely forget their background, but that they accept the Dutch law. The law is also influenced by the Christianity. That's why all the citizens are equal. Everyone has to obey the law. * Our community asks us to threat the newcomers like every other citizen. Grants are intended as temporarily promotion, but that doesn't always work. Minorities like churches can also make a valuable contribution to the society. * Newcomers has to be able after a short time to make it. That's why they have to pass an integration exam. They learn the central Dutch values. The citizenship education is easier when you're working. It has to turn out into an education. It is something that every newcomer has to do. Environment: The ChristenUnie thinks that a good and healthy environment is very important. ...read more.


In the coming public expenditure they want to reduce this with 20 to 30 billion euro so that they can use the money to intercepted the costs of aging. * The VVD doesn't want to increase taxes, but want to lower them. This choice of the VVD will lead to lower public expenditure, lower debt, lower taxes and more jobs. * The VVD wants that the budgetary rules are there for good and bad times. They want to roll back the measures about the unemployment expenses of the expired cabinet. With this decisions the cabinet let the deficit widen further. Conclusion: If I was allowed to choose for the second chamber elections I would choose for the Socialistische Partij. They are for a society in which human dignity, equality and solidarity are important. The SP wants a society who is living together and not apart. They want to run a solid climate, with emphasis on energy conservation and sustainable energy and food production. They think that migrants must be vacant for the values and the culture of their new community. On the other side the community needs to allow a good integration. So it has to be from two sides. The next four years with less money, we want a humane and socially Netherlands. I agree with their state points and I think that the Netherlands should be reign like this. SOURCESLIST: http://www.parlement.com/9291000/modulesf/g61o6303 http://www.leerwiki.nl/Politieke_Richtingen_in_Nederland http://nu.pvda.nl/standpunten http://www.christenunie.nl/nl/standpunten_inhetkort http://www.christenunie.nl/nl/standpuntentotaal?faqShow_48318=2337#faqItem2337 http://www.christenunie.nl/nl/standpuntentotaal?faq_node_id[48060]=222 http://www.christenunie.nl/nl/standpuntentotaal?faqShow_48318=2318#faqItem2318 http://www.vvd.nl/standpunten/overzicht ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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