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Examine the ways in which Richard (from Richard 3 by Shakespeare) manages to win Anne. Consider his success or failure.

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Ryan Sabet Examine the ways in which Richard manages to win Anne. Consider his success or failure. Over all Richard has his way with twisting words and toying with people's emotion in order to get what he wants. In this case he was Anne and he changes her opinion of him to like him rather than to detest him. The first interaction that we see between Richard and Anne is when Richard enters the scene and tells the progression of the coffin to stop. At this point we then read how Anne feels towards Richard when she called him "the devil" and how "a soul thou canst not have" showing how at this point, she has no respect or feelings towards and considers him to be inhuman in her eyes. His first attempt at winning Anne over was when she said how wonderful when "devils tell the truth!" and he replies by saying how it is more wonderful "when angles are so angry" in an attempt to complement her and by asking her for a chance to explain himself and calling her "divine perfection of a woman". ...read more.


This shows a change in her approach towards him as now she is not calling him the devil and being soulless but rather cursing him. This shows how he is gradually having an affect on her and her image of him is not the same. He then goes onto say that the reason he killed the king was because her "beauty was the cause of that effect" implying that he did it to be with her and this is an attempt to try and win her over. His next attempt to win her over is when he says that the person who took away her husband did it to "help thee to a better husband." To the reader it is clear that he is referring to himself at this instance but Anne goes on to ask who it is and he tells her that it is he. Her response was to spit on him, which causes the reader to think if he is really winning her over or not. Things however take a turn of events as Richard goes onto to say a short soliloquy of his past childhood experiences as well as his father. ...read more.


Anne then goes onto say that she "will not be thy executioner" and he then goes on to say that if she told him to kill himself he would do it without hesitation. As the reader we can see this as a test because at this point she has the chance to kill him for all that he has done but she does the wrong thing although it was expected. She tells him "I already have." This shows how he has finally won her over to his side. She does not have the heart to say it again because she is now unsure as to how she feels towards him but does not despise him with the same detestation as before. The final blow is when he tells her to go and that he will take the body to Chertsey and "wet his grave with repentant tears". She then goes onto say how it brings her joy to she him "become so penitent." This shows how he has finally won her over and she now does what she wants him to do. To conclude, it is clearly evident that Richard wins Anne over trough manipulation that shows his true character rather than the one Anne formed of him after his wooing of her. ...read more.

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