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future problem solving english

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Future Problem Solving Everyday, we are faced with dilemmas that could and possibly change our lives. When it comes to making big decisions, it is more logical to think things through so one would not make what is seen to be an "incorrect" choice. One of the best ways to logically think this through is the applying the use of Edward De Bono's Six Thinking Hats, but we also have an alternative that we can use to help solve the problem we are faced with. Education is arguably one of the most important factors that can shape a child's life and future. Therefore it is important that a parent chooses the "correct", or most suitable education system to put their child through to ensure that they are making the best of what they can provide for their child/ren. Thus, our topic in this situation is: "How to ensure that your children receive an educational path with language provisions that equips them for their future success in Hong Kong". Hong Kong, as one of the most diverse and international cities in the world, is home to more that 40 different nationalities. ...read more.


Not only are the students directly affected by changes in the government policies, but the teachers are also hugely affected. The way they teach and what they teach is now becoming more and stricter, and demands for higher levels in the teacher's education means that a lot of pressure is put on their backs. Schools in general have been suffering from the labeling effect, which is now not used by the EDB (education bureau). Previously, schools have either been labeled CMI (Chinese medium schools) or EMI (English medium schools). Despite this labeling effect, the levels of language have not been improving. More and more teenagers begin to use chat rooms, msn and texting short messages as an alternative to communicate with other people. This had led to what has been absorbed into the local culture. Their use of short forms of terms without vowels, or incorrect grammar, and scientists believe that in the long term, if this is consistently done, it will ultimately affect their lives later on. For this problem, we came up with a few possible solutions that the government should consider, so that the education system could be approved. ...read more.


Singapore, Malaysia * Continue with the current system Another important stakeholder in this situation would be the parents, who generally want what is best for their child. Many will push their children into the international school system, as this is opens up a lot more possibilities for their child, but financially this may be a huge problem for many, and therefore this creates more pressure for the parents to push their children into prestigious, wealthy or well known local schools that produce students with good grades We believe that the government would have to come up with a solution which is economically feasible; the government will have to work within a set budget, that the changes must be gradual to ensure that the schools are capable of improving within the time limit, and to also let the students have a voice in what they are being taught. The lack of self confidence and self esteem cannot be fought unless the students step up to it, and the endurance of going through the process and improving their CALPS will generally led to an easier life in a bilingual/trilingual, which is still popular in society today. 1 http://www.edb.gov.hk/ 2 http://www.edb.gov.hk/index.aspx?nodeid=4709&langno=1 3 http://www.everythingesl.net/inservices/bics_calp.php 4 http://www.everythingesl.net/inservices/bics_calp.php ...read more.

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