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health and social care

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Caring in context: POVERTY, EXCLUSION AND CARE Poverty Exclusion and Care Paper Number Student Number Class Group Tutor's Name Word Count Due Date Caring in context: Poverty, Exclusion and Care A huge percentage of the world population, especially those living in third world countries are still unable to cater for their basic needs adequately due to socio-economic challenges. The most affected communities are characterized by high rate of unemployment, lack of access to proper healthcare, low level of education, domestic violence, child abuse, disabilities and substance abuse. Under such circumstances, many people fail to fit into the society and are fully or partially shut out from the social, economic or political systems (Walker, 1997). Identifying the poor, the disadvantaged and those with special needs has been the major role of most responsive groups and innovative projects which seek to offer social care and enhance community development. ...read more.


38000 56000 173000 Learning Disability 29000 53000 1000 36000 5300 101000 Mental Health 39000 38000 7500 136000 8000 208000 Substance Abuse 600 100 100 3300 200 5200 Vulnerable People 6400 2200 2000 5300 7300 22000 Total of all Client groups 364000 177000 83000 327000 274000 1056000 Table1 above,shows the number of clients of all ages and from different groups who were booked for community based services in England between during the mentioned period.A client may get more that one type of service simultenously(therefore the figure may not add up to the "Total number").It acts as a good indicator of the social needs of the different groups.Chart 1 is a vivid comparision between the number of people seeking different forms of care and support. Chart 1 A comparision of the number of people booked for community based services in England between 1st April 2007 to 31st March 2008 by client type and component of service. ...read more.


This data primarily relays information about the turnout of people seeking different community based services based on their situations. It gives insight into how much needs to be done to really cater for the central needs of different groups based on their numbers. It can act as a basis for policy and social practice to enable responsive groups to plan and come up with the best strategies and methods of alleviating poverty and reducing social exclusion. It can be used as an effective tool for need assessment, project appraisal and situation analysis. From a social perspective, quantitative data assists in detecting social gaps in the community using research figures and identifying the actual social issues that need to be addressed. It also aids in impact analysis where there are already existing interventions and certain projects have been implemented. With good social practice, the disadvantaged have a hope for a better life in which their social and economic needs can be well met. ...read more.

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