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Home working is a key revolution in business and technology industry and is becoming even-more popular for the enterprises. Home working or remote working allows employees to expand their day and increase productivity.

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International Baccalaureate Information Technology in a Global Society Portfolio (1) HOME WORKING "Boon or Bane" Business and Employment News item: BBC News.2009, BT pulls plug on home workers, http://www.managementtoday.co.uk/News/MostEmailed/908688/bt-pulls-plug-homeworkers-does-it/ Date: 27th May 2009 Presentation of the issue Home working is a key revolution in business and technology industry and is becoming even-more popular for the enterprises. Home working or remote working allows employees to expand their day and increase productivity. It offers many benefits for the business. It firstly reduces office administration costs1, staff management cost and property costs. Remote working is proven to be more sustainable as it eliminates the number of employees commuting in to the office. However, there are many potential costs linked with home working. Businesses face complexity in managing home workers and monitoring their performance. There is a risk of information security problems. This is the main issue the British businesses, as remote working increases it becomes difficult to control and monitor the employees, posing financial threat to the businesses. Security concerns also arise with file sharing, as it opens tunnels through firewalls. ...read more.


Email allows businesses and employees to send documents, pictures and other data from one part of the world to another within a second. Video conferencing is very recent. It involves user in different places communication using both video pictures and voice. It requires hardware like loudspeaker, television, projector, monitor, microphones, webcam, and video camera. Another technology that is growing is VPN (virtual private network). Businesses use it as a means of extending their own networks, by connecting sites or user together. First came intranets; now many companies are creating their own VNP to accommodate the needs of remote employees and distant offices.'4 Employees working from home would usually set up a configured office with a dedicated PC and telephone. They could use is ISDN dial-up for remote IT system access and call forwarding. IP solutions are becoming more attractive with the launch of unmetered services and higher bandwidth and these are likely to offer better performance and lower costs. Impact of the issue Home working is proven very cost-effective and efficient, such as saving the fixed costs of the business and cutting down on the utility costs. ...read more.


Problems related to data security mostly arise when the employee working from home use their work computer for personal purposes. Solutions to problems arising from the issue To avoid Security breaches, that leads to financial loss, it's best to provide staff with a computer and install anti-virus and firewall software on the employee's computer. Company can also use password and user name to access control to their computers and to the business's network. Monitoring home based employees is a big challenge. Now that British Telecom, is moving 200 workers back to office, strict surveillance measures should be adapted: ? Computer Monitoring ? Telephone Monitoring ? Video Monitoring BT can use 'chip-and-pin' technology to authenticate users and encrypt USB devices, so when they are lost, they cannot be accessed by any unauthorized person. Another solution is to have a remote desktop that doesn't require VPN connectivity. This protects the user, while also allowing updates to be downloaded when connected to the internet. VPN should have network access control, allowing BT to isolated devices which are not up-to-date. It will allow access to systems such as e-mail, but withhold access to important files and servers. ...read more.

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