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In this essay, I will explore how voters use credibility, an elites opinion, and others opinions from soft news to establish confirmation of their own opinion.

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With the advancement of today's technology, the rise of soft news is more watched than hard news. It is also known as an "infotainment" because it involves people's different interests along with the news. With the creation of cable, people have access to different channels that relates to their personal interest creating stereotypes. In this essay, I will explore how voters use credibility, an elite's opinion, and others' opinions from soft news to establish confirmation of their own opinion. ...read more.


People use late night talk shows or entertainment oriented shows to get their information. Many tend to turn to elite opinion leaders on talk shows such as The Tonight Show, The Colbert Show, The View, etc. People trust these entertainment figures and usually confirm their own opinions after hearing theirs hence making the elite opinion leaders with a lot of power. Media provides information in which people obtain and that information is validated after it is discussed with others. ...read more.


A change in one's party identification is usually really rare, and if it does so happen, it is a slow process. People change their party identification when they feel that there is a change in economic and political conditions. For that reason, people do not vote for the common good but rather in the interest of themselves and their personal life conditions. Voters evaluate how well parties deal with different issues from their past performance. They want to make sure that these candidates are competent, sincere, and trustworthy. ...read more.

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