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Internet and computer safety

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Internet safety Internet Safety Day is a day to create awareness about the Internet and computer safety in general. 1. Discuss what can you do as a parent to create awareness about the Internet and computer safety? As a parent to create awareness about internet security, many measure can be taken to ensure safety for your children when using a computer as there are many risks which could occur which could either damage your computer or even your child. For example, there are viruses which can be harmful on your computer and if you use internet banking than, hackers can steal your details using phishing emails or websites and steal your identity, if your child or you click on a link or download a file which is harmful than your computer can be infected, however, this could be prevent by purchasing a good anti virus program, these will also protect the computer from other viruses which are harmful. Also if your children persistently use the internet then they can go on website which are inappropriate however there can be content filters on web browsers which can lower the risk of children going on bad websites. ...read more.


(ii) Evaluate a feasible solution to a problem identified in the news item. (150 words) A feasible solution to this topic and methods which could be taken out to help stop predators like this could be to make under 18 chat rooms, secure and make sure that users must go through an identity check, where personal details are filled out from something to help prove the child's identity, for example a child's passport number or some personal evidence which would not have a big impact of somebody was to get hold of the information also these would need to be incredibly secure. Also if a child is going to be meeting up with a person they had met online then they would need a responsible adult to accompany them when they meet, this would mean that children in schools would need to be educated on this matter more thoroughly. Finally making sure filters are more secure so that they cannot by bypassed. 3. Look for 3 examples of Internet abuse. ...read more.


Phishing began in 1995 where hackers would use AOL software to pose as workers and instead would have hacked the software and tried to gain a users password, there after Phishing would move onto financial purposes in 2001, where hackers would try to earn bank account details. Phishing is highly illegal and often people are unaware after being caught out by a hacker, and with the encouragement in society to get technical and use computer, more and more computer illiterate people are becoming victims to phishers and internet fraud. In present times, hackers are now very advanced and as you can see from the article have the ability to create a fake website, just so they could gather your bank account details, so you should always be aware of how to use the internet safely and securely. Also, in new antivirus software packs, they now often contain anti phishing software which helps protect e mails and certain spyware, which keeps you safe online. Nowadays there are many sources of information around for users if they wish to use the internet safely, and people should be encouraged to read these, to make sure they do not become a victim to a fraudster or phisher. ...read more.

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