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ITGS Portfolio :: Are Wi-Fi networks safe? My interview with an IT expert.

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Criterion N: Discussion and Analysis of the Interview Wi-Fi technology is being used in most of the new devices. Devices such as, smart phones, video game consoles, laptops, iPods, etc use it. Many people in day to day life are using this technology. This technology is being used in hotels, airports, restaurants, offices, homes, schools etc. Wi-Fi is a technology, which is replacing local area networks where wire is used for the connection to the Internet. There are drawbacks of this technology, which include, others can connect to your network and get all the personal information of the user. The network many a times is left unsecured due to which anyone can access the Wi-Fi unable device. Mr. Paraskar has been working in the crime branch for the last five years. He has received many complains regarding this technology and is working in order to improve the same. According to Mr. Paraskar hacking into Wi-Fi network is a serious issue and it can create too many problems. Innocent citizens would be blamed if their I.P. ...read more.


Masquerading of websites and hacking IP addresses leads those making use of Wi-Fi into problems and that they themselves are not aware about and are always innocent. There were several cases of damage caused by hacking, which led to leakage of secretive data, and high security measures need to be taken for using higher standards of id encryption, passwords and the SSID name. Criterion P: Projection of Broader Implications Based on the Interview Wi-Fi lets you use the Internet from any place where the box is set up. This technology is replacing the local area networks ad they do not need cable connections. Wi-Fi can be used only in places where LAN can be set up. The issue of this security is that there are high chances of hackers hacking into Wi-Fi networks and misusing it and the innocent people, will be accused for it. These hackers generally use the owners IP address to send threat emails or any kind of criminal activity. This system is gaining popularity and is made use of in day-to-day life. ...read more.


3- What are the drawbacks of it? A- Hackers can connect to Wi-Fi networks and use the owners IP and misuse it for crime. They can even get all the information stored in your system. 4- How can this technology be improved? A- If the range of the Wi-Fi technology is increased and the Wi-Fi network is more secured 5- What are the security measures that need to taken care of? A- One needs to always keep their Wi-Fi network secured so that no one can misuse it, keep changing passwords at regular intervals. 6- How secured is Wi-Fi? A- Wi-Fi is secured if all the measures are taken care of. The network should not be left unsecured, and the passwords should not be given to any one. 7- What are the steps that are taken to prevent cyber crime? A- We keep a track of the Wi-Fi networks all around and make sure all the networks are secured and cannot be misused. 8- What are the punishments if one is found guilty of their cyber crime? A- There is an information technology act of India, this act considers the crime and order is directly proportional to the crime. ?? ?? ?? ?? Name-Ishaan Khanna ...read more.

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