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ITGS portfolio Education games

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A-PRESENTATION OF THE ISSUE Educational games are designed to teach people a particular subject. This includes learning something along with the game when a person plays. These games may be board, card or video games. Children love games and they are very popular between the age group of six to eighteen. There are a lot of games available in the market, out of with the educational games are very helpful and may benefit the child. According to research the computer games that are educational can be even played in school and could be of great help to the children. These games help the children with critical learning and personal skills improve and make your brain more sharp. The games like the Sim City and RollerCoaster Tycoon are examples of these kinds of games. These games developed the creativity and strategic thinking in children. Many of today's children are addicted to playing computer games. ...read more.


The educational games are very helpful for a person and it could improve a child's thinking ability and problem solving techniques. There are many games in which construction of houses, cities and towns are included, and such games help in strategy thinking and develop logical skills. These games develop the alertness and abilities in a person. These games improve a child in different ways. Their spellings and reading skills also tend to improve faster. The government of United States is trying to find out ways in which such helpful games could be used in the academic curriculum, which will help the children. Of course these games are beneficial but they have their drawbacks. These drawbacks cannot be ignored. Many a times these games affect the users health, strains ones eyes, causes neck, wrist and back pains. If at a higher level it could damage muscle and the user might have frequent headaches and hallucinations. ...read more.


These days many the Internet can spoil a child to a great extend. Online chatting and web camera should not be allowed for the child use. Set grounds and timings Parental guidance The child should play these games under parental guidance so that the parent is aware of the game and the child doesn't misuse it. Limited usage The user should not spend the whole day playing these games, as it could affect ones social life. Only a certain amount of time should be utilized to play these games. Educational games Children should play only educational games and none of the games, which could affect the child negatively, should be played. Misuse of computer The child may misuse the computer to log on to the Internet and various other uses. Eye problems Due to excess to computer the eyes may get strained and the child would get specs at a very young age. To avoid this computer specs should be worn and a lot of time should not be spent in front of the screen. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ishaan Khanna ...read more.

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