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ITGS portfolio Playstation news article. Too much playstation can be painful

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ITGS PORTFOLIO 3 Title : Too much playstation can be painful News Item : http://infotech.indiatimes.com/Gaming/Too-much-PlayStation-can-be-painful/articleshow/4200194.cms Area Of Impact : Health Word Count : 834 Name : Ishaan Khanna A: PRESENTATION OF THE ISSUE Gripping the playstation console too tightly and pushing the buttons furiously can cause a skin disorder marked by painful lumps on palms. This article basically talks about the negative impacts of addiction to video games and playstations on health. Sony is a company that manufactures the playstation and spokesmen from the company agree to this fact and they say that their instruction manuals have guidelines for using the playstation and excessive gaming has its consequences. Researchers say that addiction to video games and playstations can also lead to a range of pyschological problems. An example of negative impacts and consequences of excessive gaming is the case of a 12 year old girl, (PC Magazine Online, 2009) who had painful lesions on her hands and had to be admitted in a hospital because of it. ...read more.


(japanvideogames.com) The major feature that distinguishes the PlayStation 3 from its predecessors is its unified online gaming service, the PlayStation Network, which contrasts with Sony's former policy of relying on video game developers for online play. Other major features of the console include its robust multimedia capabilities, connectivity with the PlayStation Portable, and its use of a high-definition optical disc format, Blu-ray Disc, as its primary storage medium. The PS3 was also the first Blu-ray 2.0-compliant Blu-ray player on the market (answers.com) Addiction to such devices with hi definition graphics is common because they are highly entertaining and exciting but excessive gaming results in bad consequences. C: Impact Of The Issue Excessive gaming is regarded as a public health issue, addiction to video games leads to physiological problems as well as straining of eyes, painful lesions on hands when people grip the console too tightly and press the buttons on it very rapidly. This issue has had a very severe impact on many children as they have had extremely painful lesions on their hands because they had started playing games on their playstations the entire day and become addicted to it. ...read more.


There are many young gamers all over the world and this addiction is the main reason for all the pain that is caused. In order to tackle the problem of excessive gaming I think parents should keep restrictions on how much time their children can play on the playstation. They should monitor their children and keep a proper check on them and confiscate the playstation if they exceed the time limit so that addiction does not harm the children and the amount of time which they spend playing video games automatically reduces. If they know their children are gaming addicts, they should not even buy their children such devices. Exposure to such devices is the main reason for such problems. For the people who play on the playstation regularly, they should take breaks from time to time to avoid soreness on their hands. E: Selection And Use of Sources: 1) InfoTech. Indiatimes. Com, Too much gaming can be painful, http://infotech.indiatimes.com/Gaming/Too-much-PlayStation-can-be-painful/articleshow/4200194.cms (2008-11-11) 2) Jan 2010, articlebase.com, Gadgets and gizmos, http://www.articlesbase.com/gadgets-and-gizmos-articles/playstation-made-for-play-game-1235756.html (2008-11-11) 3) August 2009, answers. com, Playstation 3, http://www.answers.com/topic/playstation-3 (2008-11-11) 4) Feb 24, 2009, "Health Alert! PlayStation Use Can Cause Lumpy Palms.", PC Magazine Online, (2008-11-11) 5) October 2009, japanvideogames. Com, Playstation-2 http://www.japanvideogames.com/PLAYSTATION-2-HARDWARE-s/39.htm (2008-11-11) ...read more.

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