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My Dissatisfactions with Cigarette Smoking

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Kaylee West Mrs. Hunt Honors English II 09-24-07 My Dissatisfactions of Cigarette Smoking I have come to realize that in today's society there are many aspects of life that dissatisfy me. Being brought up in the south, I have had "hands on" experience with farmers growing some of the ingredients in cigarettes. Many times these farmers choose to smoke the tobacco that they grow. I despise cigarette smoking because it is a very disgusting habit, affects other people's health, and is against my rights as a nonsmoker. Cigarette smoking is an absolutely disgusting habit. In my opinion, it shows poor taste on another person's part to choose to smoke cigarettes in public. For example, I was at a restaurant in Panama City Beach, Florida and had a very bad experience with cigarettes. ...read more.


I also find it to be most offensive for my waitress or waiter to be a smoker and go outside for a "smoker's break" and then return inside the restaurant and serve my food. Cigarette smoking also turns your teeth and nails an ugly color yellow. I find it not only gross for men, but for women is even worse, because it is not "ladylike." These types of behavior tend to send me into orbit. Another reason why I am against cigarette smoking is because of the adverse affects on the non-smoker's health. I do not think it is very fair for individuals, like me, that choose to maintain a healthy lifestyle by avoiding harmful substances such as cigarettes and have other people force their bad lifestyle behaviors on non-smokers. ...read more.


I often feel like my rights to breathe clean air are being taken from me. It drives me crazy to be in the vicinity of someone smoking and my hair and clothes begin to smell like the smoke. I feel like it really does not matter what I say or do to a smoker, because it will not keep him or her from smoking cigarettes. Although there are many reasons that I take a strong stand against cigarette smoking; it does not look like there is anything that I am going to be able to do about it. I guess I should just be content with the fact that there are more agreements on public smoking than there once was, but as it stands now, I am pretty much dissatisfied that smokers are even allowed in public. ...read more.

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