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Of Mice and Men Film Analysis

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  • Essay length: 472 words
  • Submitted: 07/11/2009
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International Baccalaureate Misc

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Debra Wei

Block B

21st September 2006.

'Of Mice and Men Film Study Analysis'

Main Actors:

Gary Sinise - George Milton

John Malkcovich - Lennie Small


Gary Sinise

Behind every admirable movie lies the diminutive details that really outstand the excellence of it. These details comprise a wide variety, such as structure, sound, camerawork, movements, etc. Though we might not perceive all these when we observe movies, our brain does absorb it and then furthermore combines it to create the grand effect in which we do recognize.

For the first scene of 'Of Mice and Men', we studied it and broke it down to pieces. We realized that the structure of the scene was that it consisted of three sequences. The initial sequence took place in a train beginning with a melody of slow tempo, complementing the dragging and depressing sound it comprised. The camerawork focused the viewer on the opening credits, as it allowed a flare of light to creep in behind cracks every time a credit was displayed, drawing the audience's eyes to it. They were also contrasting colors, as the credits

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