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Personal Project

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Introduction There is no way to describe the Personal Project better than to say it is a one in a lifetime experience to mark self growth and personal development with a tangible piece of evidence that displays devotion and the MYP student's ardor for exploration of the unknown. For me it was just that. I carefully contemplated the subject for my project. I decided that my high school career was coming to a close faster than I thought and I wanted to see if my path for adulthood was the right one for me. After college, I aspire to be an editor for a magazine and there is not a more perfectly suited opportunity to test this than my Personal Project. I also wanted to integrate my future plans into my everyday life and my interests now; my present hobby and a substantial part of my life is swimming. So I used Approaches to Learning to create a magazine for a teenage swimmer. It would include three main content sections: stroke and technique, health and nutrition, and recent events in swimming. Of course there would be smaller subsections such as top times and releases of new innovative products too. Approaches to Learning was an important Area of Interaction for me. I learned organizational skills and developed other necessary skills for completion. I hoped to learn to efficiently manage my time and through the Personal Project I learned that I often underestimate my capabilities. I appreciate my growth in the Homo Faber Area of Interaction because through creation, I improved my attitude towards life. I learned to connect different aspects of my life (such as the present and future, hobby and career, etc.). I challenged myself in creation of a magazine and used processes and became efficient in using the creative processes to compete against myself and be the best I can be. Lastly I utilized Health and Social Education to explore nutrition and wellness. ...read more.


Initially I completely bypassed any ideas because I was close minded and could not figure out a way to intertwine all of that with tangibility. After the crash of the previous idea though, the ideal project came to mind. As previously stated, I want to be an editor of a magazine. No one said it had to be fashion. There are numerous fashion magazines dominating the periodical industry. Yet I could not help but notice that there are very few swimming magazines. All of which are bimonthly and are brief. I knew exactly what I should do: create a magazine. I would design it for teen swimmers who are dedicated and want to be the best they can be. It would include basics of stroke and technique and tweaks to perfect it. In addition to that I would have proper nutrition for the active teen which is something I could easily attain data upon. Also, I would feature the latest swimming news about innovative products with ads to complement it and famous swimmers along with top times. At first I thought I would be doing this cover to cover. However, I am no expert in all of the areas I wish to include. All of the basis of information would be from the internet and other magazines which do not make it new to avid readers and I would feel like I am not finding out new facts on my own. I feel that a storyboard along with sample pages would carry across the general idea of my magazine. The storyboard would show the general content breaking up the subjects and giving a general feel for the magazine. The sample pages would display the layout and readability of the periodical. Along with that would be articles that I would use in the real thing. I would need to get information to do this and have valid sources from experts and other sources. ...read more.


The Personal Project will never cease to help me. Not only did I reach my goals, but I learned so many new skills and discovered parts of me that I never knew I had. I learned to better organize and be more efficient with time. Time management was always a struggle with me. I did not meet the first deadline which was selecting a topic. This was a fiasco, and being a determined, strong willed individual, I promised myself that I must make up for this and find something that is just absolutely perfectly suited for me. I learned that setting your mind to anything can accomplish the desirable. With full focus comes full throttle comes full production and achievement. In addition to all my internal conflicts and personal development, I had mental growth through this. My project itself was a creation of a magazine involving one of my pursuits, writing and one of my hobbies, swimming. Also struggling with a health issue, this was instrumental to physical self-improvement. The nutrition and health aspect led me to many practices I should include in my life and as well to help others. I love creation and felt that the fervor in this was key to its fabrication. I have never really put time into actually writing articles and have realized this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. It is easy to see I have made great progress in all my goals. I never thought that making a magazine could be a year long process, but I can honestly say that more than a magazine was produced and that is what the Personal Project is all about. I have endured struggles, but now I overlook these because I when I think of this experience all I recall is the zeal for my project and I am proud I conquered all standing in my way of completion. With these newly acquired skills and self-realization, I should be able to conquer future endeavors with ease. MYP Personal Project 2008 ...read more.

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