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Software Fundamentals

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2.2.1 Software Fundamentals Social and ethical issues Bug Free Software What are the issues associated with this subject? In today's moneymaking society in which results are the main focus of every business, it is not uncommon to find programmers rushing to meet deadlines. In their rush, programmers often tend to overlook bugs or errors in their work. This leads to the question of whether having software released faster with more bugs is better than having software released more slowly, but with fewer bugs. Who are the stakeholders? What are the major advantages and disadvantages for the stakeholders? The stakeholders in this issue are major software companies such as Microsoft. If they continue to release software that is full of bugs instead of testing it to make sure that it is perfect or at least near perfect, other software vendors will eventually create new software that contains fewer bugs and has better functions. People will start to turn to the more bug free software and use it instead. This has already been shown with Internet Explorer and the release of Mozilla Firefox. Internet Explorer was infamous for its security issues, and Firefox promised a better, more secure internet browser. As a result, many decided to switch from Internet Explorer to Firefox. However, there are always people who decide to remain loyal, and this is clear when one notices the astounding number of people who have stayed loyal to the Windows operating system, despite its many security issues. What areas of impact does it affect? The issue of bug-free software does not only affect general office software such as Internet Explorer. Bugs have also overflowed into the gaming world. With the release of every new game, companies often fail to find and fix bugs. These bugs can range from certain game functions not working to game balance issues that ruin the gaming experience for certain players. ...read more.


Passwords are generally short enough to be memorized. Passwords also can contain letters as well as numbers making it even harder to get through. Information with passwords are generally thought of having more value and people would attempt to get through the password to gain access to the information that is being protected by the password. Once a password is placed, it is thankfully replaceable by the user. A user might want to change his or her password because the user might think or know that his or her password has been found out and wants to change the password on a precautionary measure. Some systems of computers forces users to change their password frequently in order to make a password that has been found out by an unwanted person unusable. Globalization of software 1. What are the issues associated with this subject? The globalization of software is quickly becoming a major component in today's society especially since its growth is closely associated with technology especially in information, business, and work etc. It helps to contribute to the economy there are such things as the gaining of wealth such as the US and China where in China it generates new revenue and creates high-value jobs. Whereas in the US, it achieves better financial performance as a result of cost savings as it is investing increased profits in growing business opportunities as a result of the globalization of software. 2. How did this technology emerge? The globalization of software emerged as a result of the information technology coming up as a major global field, the evolution of work business processes, education and national policies. The rapid shift to a global software-systems-services industry in which it is a reality has been mainly driven by advances and changes in the four major areas of technology ex: (the availability of low-cost, high bandwidth telecommunications), work processes ex: (digitalization of work), business models ex: (rise of companies that help firms offshore their work), and other drivers ex: (lowering of national trade barriers). ...read more.


Voice Recognition A new form of data input is through voice. The computer converts a sound signal and translates it back into doing some sort of command. The technology is still a work in progress, yet the technology can already be seen in some programs, such as Microsoft Office and the Opera web browser. The main flaw in voice recognition lies in the process of converting the "sound signal" into the desired command. Generally, users are required to 'voice train' their voice recognition software, by reading passages of text so the computer can recognize how you pronounce words and phrases. This is problematic as voice training takes time, and requires lots of voice training to retain an accurate measure of your speech. Another flaw in current speech recognition technology is that would have to be done in a quiet environment, as background noise would distort the received 'sound signal' and lead to executing the wrong commands. Although it is still a work in progress, voice recognition has high potential of becoming a primary input method for computers. The efficiency increase of using computers would be very high. For example saying "System Properties" is much faster than having to use your mouse to move the pointer to Start, then Control Panel, then click the System Properties icon. Social and Ethical Issues The issues associated with interfaces in essence are next to nothing, but these interfaces are the tools in which unethical conduct such as piracy and hacking are carried out with. As we continually simplify the interaction with computers, we would also be simplifying the process of piracy and hacking, thus attracting more people to carry out such unethical acts. In other words, security is a trade off of simplicity, where no solution really exists, besides the conventional security measures we take when using computers (firewalls, antivirus software, etc.) ?? ?? ?? ?? Arshad Akber, IB2 Software Fundamentals - 1 - ...read more.

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