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Suggested Boiler Plate Notes to editors * Mr Chris Newson is the Managing Director of AcumenPI Lltd., the holding company which owns www.TthesStudentrRoom.co.uk and www.cCoursework.iInfo He is 31 years old and lives in Brighton with his wife and two young children. * Mr Newson bought AcumenPI in 2006 * The Student rRoom is contains the largest student social media site discussion forum in the UK with over 6 Million Posts to date.80,000 members. ...read more.


* Topics discussed amongst the forums vary from... help with personal statements for university and coursework, to sex, drug use, technology, travel and finance. * Coursework.iInfo is the largest Ccoursework Llibrary in the UK. It holds over 130,000 pieces of coursework including GCSE, A-level, International Baccalaureate and uUniversity level essays. * Coursework.Iinfo actively discourages plagiarism and offers students clear guidelines on what plagiarism actually is and how to avoid it. ...read more.


* AcumenPI donate 5% of their banner inventory (1 Million banner impressions per month) to the QCA, PAS and JCQ to promote good academic practice. * For information on TurnItIn please check here http://www.northumbrialearning.co.uk/turnitinmoreinfo.php * For information on the QCA please check here http://www.qca.org.uk/ * For information on the PAS please check here http://www.jiscpas.ac.uk/ * For information on the JCQ... For additional information, case studies, interview and photo opportunities and please contact Ruth Sparkes at Momentum Marketing & Communications Tel 07801 652932 emai; [email protected] ?? ?? ?? ?? Chris Newson - TSR and Coursework.info ...read more.

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