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Write an essay about the importance of heating ventilation and air conditioning

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Write an essay about the importance of heating ventilation and air conditioning The main objective of a designer is providing comfort by means of HVAC (Heating ventilation and air conditioning). Unfortunately, the objective is over and over again compromised by other factors, with cost being the most common one. Heating Ventilation and air conditioning is the indoor environmental comfort technology, and is found in any type of building, no matter the use. For example we find the HVAC in domestic houses, hotels, restaurants, guest house, offices, workplaces, shops, factories etc. Even small residential heating systems affect the health, productivity and general satisfaction of several people. It' s just a matter of planning and installing them accordingly, as they can regulate comfortable and healthy building condition, both as an increase/ decrease in temperature and also as a changing rate of fresh air from outside. ...read more.


Maintaining comfort is not an issue of supplying heat to the body but it's a matter of controlling how a body losses heat. When interior conditions allow heat to leave a person's body at the same rate it is produced, that person feels comfortable. If heat is released faster or slower than the rate it's produced, some discomfort is felt. The interior environment affects the process by which the body loses heat. For example, most people will not be comfortable in a room surrounded by many cool surfaces such as large windows. For best comfort, the interior environment must provide the proper balance of air temperature, average surface temperature, and relative humidity to put up the various processes through which the body releases heat. ...read more.


* Reducing air infiltration- In other words it is the air leakage, entering from cracks and uses of doors, from outside the building. It is mainly caused by the wind and building pressure. * Air quality (ventilation) - Relates to health and comfort of the individual and is affected mostly by bacteria and surrounding gasses like carbon monoxide and unstable organic compounds. * Room air distribution- The process when air is mixed or displaced from spaces. When a building is situated in a location where it can be subjected to harsh weather conditions such as on the top of a hill, by a riverside, at the coast, or in any extreme open location, grant should be made for an increased heat input. Other factors include: - * Temperature Extremes * Site Location * Humidity Conditions * Level of Exposure * Wind Chill Factors ...read more.

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