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acceleration due to gravity

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Sheena Gupta


Lab 3

Topic: acceleration due to gravity

Research Question: To find the acceleration of the stones from different



  1. Meter ruler
  2. A stone
  3. Stop watch


  • Controlled: Mass of the stone
  • Dependent: Time
  • Independent: Height


  1. First measure the height with the help of the meter ruler.
  2. Drop the stone from that height and record the time taken for the stone to reach the ground with the help of the stopwatch.
  3. Repeat the experiment for 5 more different heights.
  4. Record the readings in the table 1.

Data collection:

Table 1

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Aver-age of  t/s

Error of  t/s

% Error of  t/s


% Error of t2

Acceleration a=2l  (m/s2)


% Error in accele-ration

1 m













1.5 m













2 m






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% Error of t2 = % Error of  t/s X 2

% Error in acceleration = % Error in Height + % Error of t2

Average acceleration acting on the stone is




After doing the experiment I conclude that acceleration acting on stone was about 9.13 ms-2. The percentage error is  

% errorimage02.pngimage03.png

Evaluation: I evaluate that the result of the acceleration due to gravity could have been more accurate if I would have taken more readings.  There is uncertainty in time, if the time is recorded properly. If we remove all this errors our result would be more accurate.

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