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How does a variation of current through the windings of insulated wire affect the strength in the electromagnet?

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Planning A Research Question: How does a variation of current through the windings of insulated wire affect the strength in the electromagnet? Key Variables: Variable: Current (depends on the input voltage of the power kit) Constants: Length of the winding wire, Number of turns, Permeability (depends on the insulation around the wire and the physical properties (composition, diameter, length) of the nail) Hypothesis: If we double the current, then the strength in the electromagnet should also double. According to the magnetic field strength equation, , the flux density B inside the solenoid is directly proportional to the current I. Hence, we predict that the electromagnet strength will increase at the same rate as we increase the current. ...read more.


a) Alter the input voltage and measure the changes voltmeter, ammeter and spring balance to measure the resultant electromagnetic force expressed in Newton b) Repeat the experiment 12 different voltages to obtain sufficient data. Try increments of 1V from the power supply to 12V c) Record three trials for each voltage (current) 4. If any significant random error occurs during the measurement, that value is to be ignored and the experiment to be repeated. Data Collection Voltage (V, �0.01V) Current (A, �0.01A) Force (N, �0.025N) Trial 1 Trial 2 Trial 3 Average 0.52 0.55 0.125 0.150 0.150 0.142 1.16 1.18 0.150 0.175 0.150 0.158 1.82 1.88 0.175 0.200 0.175 0.183 2.50 2.60 0.200 0.200 0.225 0.208 3.16 3.35 0.225 0.225 0.225 0.225 4.00 4.22 ...read more.


But the results were consistent throughout the whole experiment and very few measurements had to be repeated. Overall I am satisfied with the experiment as my hypothesis was validated: the magnetic field strength of the solenoid is directly proportional to the current in the circuit, provided that all other parameters are unchanged. The apparatus used for this experiment was satisfactory. The only device that we believe could be improved is the spring balance. A model with a finer scale could provide more accurate data. In our opinion, this could be the only improvement that we can suggest to the procedure. The data we collected was quite precise and easy to interpret. ?? ?? ?? ?? IB Physics SL Lab Report - Electromagnets 1 ...read more.

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