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Kinematics. Purpose: Using a Baseball, find how the velocity and acceleration change from when a baseball is thrown

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Ben Fitzgerald 2/4/10 Mr. Thorndike Internal Assessment Purpose: Using a Baseball, find how the velocity and acceleration change from when a baseball is thrown Variables: Dependent: * Velocity * Acceleration * Time Independent: * Mass of Baseball * Size of Baseball Controlled: * Acceleration due to gravity Acceleration Due to Gravity is controlled because gravity is the same on all parts of the earth Materials: * 1 Baseball * 1 meter stick * 1 Stopwatch * 1 Calculator Procedure: 1. Measure out 1 meter, 3 meters and 5 meters 2. Get a baseball 3. ...read more.


Now using the acceleration equation A=?V/T 9. Record the time, velocity and acceleration in the data table Data Table: See Excel Spreadsheet Data Analysis: See Excel Spreadsheet Conclusion: As the Distance from the starting point increases, the time it takes to travel increases, meaning the velocity and acceleration also increase. The Lab was very successful because I was able to successfully complete my purpose statement successfully Evaluation: Even though the lab is successful, there was still some error as shown in the graph with the error bars, but the uncertainty is low enough it is relatively accurate. ...read more.


This would affect the velocity and acceleration because the time could be off Improvements: One Improvement of this lab would be to somehow use photogates to get a more accurate reading on the time instead of using a stopwatch, thus creating a successful and accurate experiment. Another improvement that could be made would be to have some machine that could output a constant force on the baseball, like a pitching machine, allowing for an equal force when the ball is thrown. One last improvement that could be made to is lab would be to have someone else help me when I am doing my lab, because then I can be focusing on tossing the ball and my partner could time it as I am throwing it, making it more accurate overall. ...read more.

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