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Pendulum lab. The main purpose for this experiment is to find the factor that will affect the time of a pendulum. In this scenario, the length is the one of the factor that will affect time.

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Shin Park

Mellin 4B

Pendulum Lab


        A pendulum is a weight hanging from the pivot. When pulled back from a certain point and releases, the weight swings freely down by the force of gravity and swinging back and forth due to its inertia.

        The main purpose for this experiment is to find the factor that will affect the time of a pendulum. In this scenario, the length is the one of the factor that will affect time. During the experiment, the length of the string will altered to investigate the time period effect.

Variables (X,Y)

        The independent variable for this investigation will be the length of the string that will affect the dependent variable, which is time (t) that takes to complete ten cycle of swinging left and right. As the length of the strings stretches or condense, it will take effect on time.

Controlled variables

∙        Length between the string and the peak of the T-bar, which is 30 centimeters.

∙        The weight of the bob is 1000 grams.

∙        Earth's gravity 9.81 m/ s 2

Materials & Procedures

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Trial 2





Trial 3





Trial 4





Trial 5





Trial 6





Trial 7





Trial 8





Trial 9





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Self Improvement

To avoid any flaws or errors, several actions are necessary to enhance the outcomes of the experiment.

1.        Instead of using the experimenter's hand to release the bob to start time, may cause acceleration to the bob or inaccurate timing. It would be logical to use a machine to release the bob so for every trial, it does not affect the bob and has accurate timing of the release.

2.        Using one of the classmates to start the stopwatch causes a gap between the bob releasing and pressing the button for the stopwatch at the right time to start. I would use a laser sensor device that whenever the bob passes certain point, the device starts to measure time and stop after ten oscillation.

3.        It imperative for the T-bar to remain stationary during the experiment, to do so, an extra weight on the bottom of the stand will immobilize the T-bar. Make sure the weight does not interfere with the pendulum.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our International Baccalaureate Physics section.

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