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permeability of free space

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July 30, 2008


Phy Lab 14- Permeability of Free Space

Name: Adwait Mane

Phy HL (Yr ’09)


        It was observed that the magnetic field at one point within the solenoid was fluctuating within a relatively large range. To find out the uncertainty in the readings of the magnetic field sensor, we recorded the magnetic field for a period of 10 s. The mean value of the maximum and minimum value was calculated. The deviation from the mean value then became

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-1.3156 ±0.0458



-1.3420 ±0.0560



-1.3638 ±0.0339



-1.3628 ±0.0356



-1.3914 ±0.0379



-1.4186 ±0.0468



-1.4367 ±0.0386



-1.4351 ±0.0390



-1.4711 ±0.0454

Graph of current passing through the solenoid vs magnetic field strength inside the solenoid


Slope of best fit line = -0.406 mT A-1

Maximum slope = -0.289 mT A-1

Minimum slope = -0.497 mT A-1

Thus, slope = -0.406 ±0.117 mT A-1

As we already know, image01.pngimage01.png

Where B → Magnetic field strength

image03.pngimage03.png → permeability of free space

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The magnetic field was not constant within  the solenoid.If the sensor is kept in one position, the background field of the earth will not affect the magnetic field strength.The sensor measures the component of the magnetic field that is perpendicular to the white dot on the end of the sensor tip.

[1] Obtained from Physics IBO Data Booklet

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