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Physics Lab

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Finding the Intensity of a U-Shaped magnetic field IB Physics 1/6/09 Aim: In this lab we aim to find the intensity of the magnetic field. We will do this by applying a current on a wire that is at the same time subject to a magnetic field. By looking at the displacement from the initial position and the amount of current applied we would find the "B" of the magnet. Hypothesis: "I think that the displacement of the wire is dependant on the current and that the magnet's effect is constant with the change of current" Diagram: Variables: Dependant variable: Current (amps) ...read more.


= 0.805 m Diameter of magnet = 0.05 m Calculations Slope of (average trial 1 and 2) = 2.275/1.2 = 1.895 Slope of trial three = 1.8 / 1 = 1.8 Average slopes = (1.895 + 1.8)/2 = 1.8475 (B x L x l)/ k = slope B x 0.05 x 0.805 / k = average slopes 0.04025 B / k = 1.8475 (where k = 2 x 10 power -7) 201250B = 1.8475 B = 9.18 x 10 power -6 Conclusion and evaluation: After examining the data I realized that the graphs had 2 point that were far from the best fit line. ...read more.


Although we were careful about reading the answer from a perpendicular angle to the ruler, human's eye has an uncertainty. Our answers were slightly accurate but we can improve them simply by the repeating the trials more than two times and finding there average. Also we can be more careful during the collection of data to avoid parallax errors (an example was we didn't record the starting point for one of the trials therefore all the data collected after that point in this trial was unreliable). Finally looking back at my hypothesis I found out that the relation between the forces implied on the wire and the displacement is a linear function. More importantly the magnets effect wasn't constant because as the current increased the displacement for the origin position increased. ...read more.

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