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Research question: How does the time (T) it takes to complete a swing of a pendulum depend on the length of the string (x)?

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Vivien 12M1

An Investigation on Pendulum                                                                             20th Jan, 2010


Simple harmonic motion (SHM) occurs commonly. A good example is a swing oscillating at small angles, like pendulum swinging. In this case, the vertical motion can be neglected and the displacement can simply be described by the horizontal component x.

Research question:

How does the time (T) it takes to complete a swing of a pendulum depend on the length of the string (x)?

Independent variable: The length of the string of the bob

Dependent variable: Period of a swing of the pendulum

Control variable:

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In order to minimize the error, we chose to use the data-logger in which electronic is always more accurate than human hands. But we still use a timer and time by hand to do a double check.

Controlling the control variables:

We use the same string, the same bob (same pendulum) throughout the whole experiment so as to keep the quality and condition of the pendulum are the same. As well as we constructed the experiment indoor without windows or doors open, so

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Graph obtained:


From the graph, by T=2(π^2)√(x/g), we can see, the longer the string, the longer time the pendulum needs to complete a period.

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