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Research Question To calculate the maximum height reached by an object fired vertically, and to compare with the experiment.

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Eline Hasselgård Størdal, 2STUZ        PHYSICS REPORT        17.11.12



Research Question

To calculate the maximum height reached by an object fired vertically, and to compare with the experiment.


Independent variables: - Launch level chosen.

Dependent variables: - Height reached by the plastic ball and velocity.

Controlled variables: - Projectile launcher, mass of plastic ball (same apparatus used in all trials).



Projectile launcher

Photo gates ±0.25ms-1

2.5cm plastic ball

Ruler ±1cm

Stand with attached ruler

Computer with DataStudio

  • Set up apparatus.
  • Do 5 trials on each launch level (3 levels) and measure initial velocity using DataStudio. Make sure that the projectile launcher is vertical.
  • Measure the vertical height from the photo gates.
  • Find the mean initial velocity.
  • Calculate and compare height with the experiment.
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2nd level


4.90 ms-1

4.81 ms-1

4.90 ms-1

4.81 ms-1

4.90 ms-1

3rd level


6.58 ms-1

6.58 ms-1

6.76 ms-1

6.58 ms-1

6.58 ms-1













3.082 ms-1

4.864 ms-1

6.616 ms-1

* Heights written in red are heights from calculations.

½ m v2 = m g h


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Evaluation and Improvements



Even more parallels could have been done to minimize random errors.

Doing more parallels.

The measuring of height could be inaccurate because it was read by the eye (random error).

Using a motion detector or another type of apparatus to measure the height.

Faulty calculations may have been done (random error).

Doing more calculations and re-checking results.

Readings from DataStudio may have been incorrect (systematic error).

Checking by doing a parallel experiment with another computer.


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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our International Baccalaureate Physics section.

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