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Solar Panel surface area vs Output Lab

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Solar Panel Lab Aim: To find if the surface area of the solar panels is proportional to the output voltage Variables Independent: Surface area of the solar panels Dependant: Output voltage Controls: Solar panels must be the same size (the increase in surface area should be progressive) - The angle to the sun and light conditions must be the same for each trial - The volt meter used must be the same for each -The solar panels must be linearly connected each trial. ...read more.


However the max and min lines differ quite a bit from the average value, so as far as to finding the actual slope of the proportional line is difficult because the uncertainties are so great. However we can firmly conclude that by increasing the surface area of your solar panel, you increase the output voltage. Evaluation There were many sources of error in this lab, the main one being the sun. ...read more.


To fix this problem in the future we could create some contraption that would hold the solar panels at an angle. Wind could have also affected the solar panels, as we did nothing to protect the solar panels from wind, in further experiments we could create a wall or something to block the winds interference with the solar panel. Also a more accurate voltmeter would be useful because it was hard to gauge the exact value that the solar panel gave us. ...read more.

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