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STUDY THE ELASITICITY AIM 1 Study the relation between the force applied on a spring and the extension of the spring. 2 Study the relation between the force applied on a rubber band and the extension of the rubber band. EQUIPMENT A stand, a spring, a rubber band, a meter, weights and a spring balance BACKGROUND Up to the point X the force F is directly proportional to e beyond this point the proportional is lost. If the point X is passed, the spring can become permanently deformed in such a way that when the weights are removed the spring will not go back to its original length. In the region of proportionality, we can write F=kx where k is a constant whose value will depend on the particular spring. For this reason, k is called the spring constant. ...read more.


METHOD 2 (ABOUT RUBBER BAND) 1 Hung the rubber band on the stand, read its length and wrote it down on the notebook. 2 Used the spring balance to weigh the weight of a weight read its weight and wrote it down on the notebook. 3 Added the weight on the rubber band, read the length of the rubber band and wrote it down on the notebook. 4 Repeated from Step 2 to Step 3 five times. 5 Removed the weights one after another, read the length of the rubber band and wrote it down on the notebook. DATA COLLECTION AND ANALYSIS The weight of each weight is 0.40�0.05N. The scale shown on the meter of the bottom end of the spring before experiment is 39.70�0.05cm. The scale shown on the meter of the bottom end of the rubber band before experiment is 49.50�0.05cm. ...read more.


The rubber band: When the force is 0.00N to 0.90N, the diagram is almost a straight line. It means at that moment, the rubber band has good elasticity. And the elastic limit is0.90N. When force is over 0.90N, the rubber band is over spring limit. When the diagram is a curve, it means the elasticity of the rubber band was broken. The two lines have different initial point because the rubber band has not good elasticity. The weight of all weights is over the spring limit. Thus, it has deformation that can be read from the graph----0.50cm. In other words, the length of rubber band after experiment is longer than the length of it before experiment. The gap, which is between two lines, becomes greater cause the weight of weights is bigger. Therefore, the length of rubber band is longer and the gap which is between two lines become greater. ...read more.

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