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Temperature of the sun

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Temperature of the sun practical - Draft Results: Mass of plastic bag with water: 0.325kg �0.001 Area of plastic bag: 0.368m� �0.005 Initial temperature of water: 26�C �0.5 Time of water left under the sun (s) �0.5 Temperature of water (�C) ...read more.


Therefore, the experiment does not seem to be successful and the results obtained are inaccurate. Evaluation: Limitations Suggestions - The plastic bag is not stabilized on the ground; it leads to the spill of water. This will make the result inaccurate as the mass is changing - Use a container which allows the thermometer to be placed in the water ...read more.


This will lead to an inaccurate value of area of plastic bag - Use a fixed shape box to contain water which allows the area to be measured accurately - The black water is more concentrated at the bottom which may cause unequal absorption of heat by the water - Use a container which has a fixed shape and even surface ...read more.

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