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This experiment is going to consist of using a book as a capacitor.Research question How does the amount of pages between the aluminum foil (x) affect the amount of charge/farads (y) the book can hold?

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IB Physics IA

Exciting Farads

Carlos Cruz

Mr. Hayes 6th PeriodIntroduction:

        This is a simple lab in which you will able to create your own capacitor, but first of all we must understand what a capacitor is and how it works. I capacitor is an electric circuit element used to store charge temporarily, consisting in general of two metallic plates separated and insulated from each other by a dielectric. In other words it’s a device that holds and electrical charge and then releases it all at once. It is not a battery/cell. It does not create electricity. It just holds it. This experiment is going to consist of using a book as a capacitor.


Research question

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Measuring the variables



-Two sheets of aluminum foil

-Two cables that attach to the voltmeter

To measure the amount of farads the foil will hold you must hook everything up as seem in the latter diagram. The voltmeter must be set to farads and connected to both ends of the foils sticking out of the book.  To change the distance between the sheets of foil just add a page or two each time between the sheets of foil. To make sure that your controlled variables are controlled don’t move the book and use the same book each time. Also make sure you are in the same room

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        Some ways of improving this experiment is using a more accurate and precise voltmeter and more trials, also using a new battery each time but with the exact same voltage as the previous one. This way the human error and apparatus error would be somewhat lowered

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