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Uniform motion Physics lab

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Ankit Shahi                                                                                                      February 25, 2009

Investigation #2: Uniform motion on an air table

Design (D)

Aspect 1:

Problem: Can a level air table be used to simulate uniform motion?


Aspect 3:

Materials: As per lab manual

Procedure: As per lab manual

Data Collecting and Processing (DCP):

Aspect 1:

Table#1: Raw data of Period frequency and Distance of Eight consecutive Periods

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In the above table, the third point of period distance will be considered as a random error.

Aspect 2:

1. Calculating the period time:

TP = Number of Frequencies  image00.png

        Period Frequency image01.png

TP =            1

           (30.0 + 0.5) s-1image02.png

TP = 0.0333s

EP = 0.0333s ( +0.5s-1 / 30.0s-1 )

EP = +0.0006s

2. Calculating the speed:

v = distance / time    image03.png

= (0.016 + 0.001) m / (0.0333s + 0.0006) s

= 0.048048ms-1

Ev = 0.048048ms-1 (( + 0.0006s/0.0333s) + ( + 0.001m/0.

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There were not any other errors caused by the apparatus. It was stable enough for the experiment. Therefore, there is no need to change the apparatus if this experiment would be done again. However, some other materials could be used such as the mechanical device that distributes equal force to both sides of the puck and make the puck go straight. This will bring improvements to the accuracy of measurement.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our International Baccalaureate Physics section.

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