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A. In the context of human behavior outline one theory from the humanistic perspective (4 marks) and B. Explain one way in which methodology or cultural considerations have an impact on theory outlined in A (4 marks).

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A. In the context of human behavior outline one theory from the humanistic perspective (4 marks). In our society most of people wish their American dream happened - they wish to win on a lottery, quit their jobs and live free lives, travelling and spending the money. Yet, the studies show that many lottery winners actually stay in their jobs or open their own companies. Is it just the will to earn even more or something else. ...read more.


He claimed that people stay in work because they have friends in there. Though they can also satisfy their love and belongingness needs. Moreover, by staying at work and climbing up the ladder of career they can get respected and thus satisfy their need of esteem - the last necessary need to be fulfilled in order for self-actualization process to occur. Self-actualization is argued by Maslow to be the most advanced human need, based on desire to grow and use one's capacities to their fullest. ...read more.


In the modern rat race love or esteem needs are seen as secondary. As a consequence, we are forced to interpret other's behavior through their lower needs. Moreover, esteem is nowadays wrongly associated with having more money - you have respect if you are rich. The other thing is that we tend to rely on satisfying our needs with money. Many people, when they feel bad because of rejection of a group or close friend go shopping - spend money and buy themselves something new. ...read more.

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