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An experiment to investigate if 8th grade band students are able to recall musical theories in order to pass their academic courses.

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An experiment to investigate if 8th grade band students are able to recall musical theories in order to pass their academic courses. Name: Ramon L. Jackson Candidate No.: Type of Study: Subject and Level: Psychology Higher Level Date of submission: Word Count: Abstract The aim of this experiment is to investigate if 8th grade band students are able to recall musical theories in order to pass their academic courses. The music chosen was arranged by me to test their skills and then teach them how to apply it to their academic courses: "Bad Mamma Jamma" - "Can You Feel It" - and - "J.S.U. Blowin' each with difficulty of counting and reading of various passages of music. Music is a universal language. It can provide opportunities for students to advance to their highest levels of achievement. It provides us with a means of personal expression and acquaints an individual with his environment. ...read more.


Investigating the To see if playing/listening/remembering a band piece with musical elements in it may give insight to see if that help students perform better in the classroom. Memory is one of the processes closely studied by the cognitive perspective of psychology. Review of Literature Ask about Hypothesis Method Design I used an experimental method in which all students could relate to. I arranged music that was based upon their level (middle school reading) then I added musical terms that they should have learn and will learn in their higher education pursue. The dependent variable was the students who makes all A's and they performed the piece and were asked questions about the piece and musical terms without my help from the beginning and the independent variable was the group of students who make average grades such as B's and C's; they received help from me. In order to comply with ethical standards, the participants were given student/parent consent forms, and after issued out it was read aloud to them and discussed. ...read more.


5. I went to the control group and gave them the piece and told them to work on it by themselves. 6. Then I told them to all to come to the band hall and to listen up for their testing schedule and the control group and the dependent group went first in the different room. Later on I discussed with them their scores and where they messed up at and the same for the independent group. 7. After the testing was over I put them all together and they played the songs together as a band and work with them on the sight-reading and counting of the music. Then I asked individual to define certain words that I thought that they should know or will learn. Results Results were as followed for: Able to Read Music and Define Musical Terminology Test Grades Independent Group Dependent Group Control Group 95-100 4 2 1 85-94 10 5 2 84-75 5 3 1 74-70 0 0 1 Independent Group Dependent Group Control Group Mean 4.75 2.5 1.25 Median 5.7 3.5 2 Mode 5 2.5 1 Range 6 3 2 ...read more.

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