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Compare and contrasting Freudian psychoanlytic theory and one neo-Freudian

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Compare and contrast Freudian psychoanalytic psychology with one neo-Freudian theory Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytic theory was a ground braking and innovative way to look into a human's mind and how it works. It tries to explain behaviour by seeking it in the unconscious mind of a human. The unconscious mind stores a variety of aspects, ranging from past memories, hopes, ideas, and also past traumas that a person experienced. The unconscious mind is not perceivable in everyday activities. However it has a great deal of effect to our normal and everyday behaviour. Nevertheless Freud received an enormous and fierce opposition concerning the premises that psychoanalytic theory was based on and the validity it has. Freud's main principle for the theory was mainly the pleasure principle. He also annoyed lots of people because of his psychosexual growth stages focuses to much on the sexual part. Many psychologists then try to come up with an alternative idea in how to explain the development of behaviour. ...read more.


A child enters this stage in around the fourth year of life. Freud noted that this stage is the most crucial of all. In this stage the libido is focused on the genitals. During this stage the Oedipal complex starts to emerge. The boys develop a feeling of resentment and jealousy to the father over the mother. They develop a sexual preference to the mother. On the other hand, the little girls acquire a special attachment to their father. They see themselves as physically deficient. They feel angry to their mother because of their anatomical disability. Freud's psychosexual theory was criticized heavily because of its emphasis on sexual pleasure of the child. One of them that disagree with Freud was Erik Eriksson. He then formulates his own theory of personality development and named it the psychosocial development. Eriksson's psychosocial theory compiles of eight different level of personality growth. He agreed with Freud that events that happened in early childhood leave a permanent stamp on adult personality. ...read more.


In terms of validity both of them are hard to prove. Both of them are also lacking supporting evidence for each theory. Freud and Eriksson's theories are also too general and vague. Both of them also made a generalization to all people that their theory could apply, which is a very impossible thing to do. Nevertheless both of them have their differences also such as that Eriksson emphasized his theory on our interaction with our social environment and the outside world. While Freud highlighted the physical gratification and that it could get fixated. Eriksson's theory also encompasses a whole life span of the person. He believes that even though childhood experience is crucial, people do tend to change as time goes on. But Freud believes that childhood experience is the only thing to look for in understanding behaviour. Hence he restricted his theory up until the genital stage. In conclusion, both theories try to explain the development of personality but from different perspective. ?? ?? ?? ?? IB PSYCHOLOGY PANJI WICAKSONO ...read more.

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