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Discuss How and Why Particular Research Methods Are Used at the Cognitive Level of Analysis.

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´╗┐Daniel Koopowitz 11C Psychology 03/10/12 Discuss How and Why Particular Research Methods Are Used at the Cognitive Level of Analysis. Cognitive Psychology is an approach to psychology that emphasizes internal mental processes. Cognitive psychology is also one of the more recent additions to psychological research. The Cognitive Level of Analysis or CLOA is the Level of analysis that deals with the inner workings of the human brain. This mini essay reviews how and why particular research methods are used at the Cognitive Level of Analysis. As you know, one of the most scientific ways to study mental processes is through lab experiments. ...read more.


Correlation studies looks at the relationship between the two variables rather than cause and effect. Naturalistic observation is key at the Cognitive Level of Analysis because in an experiment/lab, participants might not display their true mental processes. Naturalistic observations have high ecological validity however they lack control. Another important research method is interviews. These allow cognitive psychologists to obtain highly detailed and personal information that is difficult to obtain elsewhere e.g., experiments. Experimenter bias plays a role with interviews when a researcher is not well trained and contaminates the information. Another weakness of this method is that the process of gathering data may interfere with the cognitive processing. ...read more.


Neuroscientists can now study which brain areas are active when people attempt certain cognitive tasks through CAT and MRI scans. The information found however, cannot answer questions about why the brain functions the way it does. Brain areas activate or are inactive for many reasons and so direct links between disorders or specific tasks for that matter cannot be assumed. This also does not provide a full explanation of cognitive processing. To summarize, there are many different research methods used at the Cognitive Level of Analysis such as, experiments, case studies and psychobiological research, as well as many different reasons as to how and why they are used. I hope this has helped better your understanding of the Cognitive Level of Analysis. ...read more.

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